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Ricefield eel is the food with higher value ratio of a kind of nutrition, as compare relatively in postpartum constitution for the puerpera frail, having a few ricefield eel appropriately have profit, have adjust the action of body constitution, and ricefield eel still has effect of certain stimulate the secretion of milk, the puerpera should strengthen food between daily life, be in for example postpartum a week should be accomplished appetizing filling water, in the 2nd week when should enrich the blood in time, we will read the content of this respect.

The puerpera can have ricefield eel

The puerpera can have ricefield eel

Can eat. Postpartum mammy body is frail, need eats a few have nutrient food to complement energy and nutrition, and ricefield eel nutrition is very good, and can stimulate the secretion of milk, suit puerpera edible very much.

Postpartum a week — appetizing filling water

The puerpera just laborred before long, the body is frailer, thirsty more apparent. Appetite also not beautiful, this is the blood in delivery process and water to divide the result of a large number of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, reason this phase cookbook basically is with appetizing filling water is a principle, food with be being digested not delicately, fatly, easily, easy absorb, the person that nutrition is abounded is beautiful, the form is given priority to with fluidity or semifluid.

Confined cookbook: Piscine congee is added fry congee of green vegetables, millet, syrup to boil cutlet of willow of ox of a thick soup of egg, egg, milk, soya-bean milk, lotus root starch, wonton, asparagus, celery to wait.

The puerpera can have ricefield eel

Remind: Childbirth jian hou mian 3 days, do not be eager to eating stew kind avoid of food; meal is too fat; in addition, do not suggest to drink tea.

Postpartum the 2nd week — enrich the blood

The puerpera passes the recuperation of period of time, cut cicatrizations basically, appetite also has improve apparently, can eat rich chalybeate to enrich the blood more food, wait like water of waist of black agaric, pig, pork liver, big jujube, longan, apple, pear, banana, brown sugar, sesame seed, answer to be chosen on the foundation of food diversification, unfavorable partial eclipse.

Confined cookbook: Agaric cutlet, sesame oil fries soup of earthnut of foot of pig of pig heart, big jujube, fish sweet pork liver. If can join a few medlar, yam, tuckahoe to wait, the effect is much better.

The puerpera can have ricefield eel

Remind: The puerpera is protected it is good to protect a quantity to eat character breakfast; is right amount eat salty; not to drink malted milk; to need to employ a medicinal food nourishing person, what should accept professional public figure is directive.

Postpartum the 3rd week — go into battle of makings of soup of stimulate the secretion of milk

Gastric capacity growth of the child is not little, suck the breast volume increase, at this moment, food of stimulate the secretion of milk, especially makings of soup of stimulate the secretion of milk is OK go into battle.

Confined cookbook: Soup of crucian carp fish, pig hoof soup, egg beautiful soup, chop soup, chicken broth, it is soup of accepted and effective stimulate the secretion of milk. If join the Chinese traditional medicine such as the stem pith of the rice-paper plant, the root of remembranous milk vetch, effect of stimulate the secretion of milk will be more significant. Confinement in childbirth surpasses a hen with cock stew, drink Shang Ying to Shang He expects and should be fed.

Remind: Time of lie in bed is much during confinement, movement is little, easy indigestion. On proposal food little fat, eat much food less, meal delicacy, take into consideration the circumstances gets out of bed activity. When necessary, eupeptic medicaments can be taken below doctor guidance, be like much more enzymatic piece, galactenzyme unripe, pancreatin piece wait for; to eat bit of fruit, the juice that be like orange, Chinese flowering quince. Additional, drink with the water of Bao of the candied date or jujube that increase a point such as chrysanthemum, kapok, already promotional appetite, digest a function evenly again. What should remind is, do not be eager to reducing weight, should be in at least commonly postpartum after 6 months.

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