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Article introduction

Loose on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine dew is fungus of commonner a kind of plant, grow in commonly a mountainous area in the center or among the forest, not only can edible also can undertake is used as medicine, officinal value is very high also, and Song Lou also can use bubble wine, the soft alcoholic drink that show bubble not only mouthfeel has tasted, and often drinkable and OK enhance body immunity power, alleviate to arriving since the body fatigue action, the way is very simple also, white spirit will be put after Song Lou is abluent in the center sealed can.

The soft alcoholic drink that show bubble how bubble

The soft alcoholic drink that show bubble this how bubble?

Wash the Song Lou that buys clean above all, dry Song Lou and fresh loose dew are OK bubble wine.

Buy liquor, press liquor and loose dew 1:8scale immersion pine is shown.

Liquor chooses the wine that coarse food grain makes finally, the loose alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice that such bubble come out gift is nice drink.

Can add bit of rock candy to be inside when the color of liquor begins to become red.

Spend period of time again, loose alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice is gules completely when can drink.

Loose dew choice comes drily bubble can let wine more Gan Tian.

What is Hei Songlou

Hei Songlou is called again truffle, belong to a kind to grow in upper and the following feral edible fungus, appearance is bumpy, present small raised state, pervade gray grain. Odour is very special, use a character very hard to describe, mouthfeel fragrance and more full-bodied. Still provide the faint scent that is similar to clay in addition, at the same time exceedingly delicious.

The soft alcoholic drink that show bubble how bubble

Black pine betrays the making principle of bubble wine

Black loose alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice, choose material of the world’s accepted Hei Songlou stone to give priority to, complementary with a variety of pure grain vintage wine, shirt-sleeve and contemporary biology extracts a technology, do not contain among them any additive and industrial alcohol. And mouthfeel is exceedingly distinctive, smell have a kind of natural a faint fragrance, attaching is recalled after been drink, the nutrient part that shows as a result of black pine dissolves completely in wine, make human body is absorbed more easily, more advantageous also to the health of human body, have value of very high preserve one’s health.

Black pine shows the effect with main wine

1, improvement is fatigue. The exhaustion that Hei Songlou wine appears to human body place has certain alleviating, restore function, often drinkable the strength that can enhance human body greatly.

2, improve Morpheus. Regular drinkable can improve Morpheus quality effectively, improvement lives originally in regular occurrence insomnia, much dream, be perturbed, bosom is frowsty wait for a symptom.

3, improve secrete make water. The regular occurrence night frequent micturition in if be in because of some a few reasons,living much, frequent micturition, make water urgent, make water is faint, alvine object bilge wait for a circumstance, take black loose alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice regularly to also can get definite improvement.

4, hairdressing colour. The dissension that can quicken normal cell on certain level is periodic, the suppress that makes a few benign cells certain to arriving since malign cell, enhance the immune power of human body, defy anile result, have certain hairdressing to raise Yan Zhi effect.

The soft alcoholic drink that show bubble how bubble

5, Zhuang Yang of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Male friends are regular of case drinkable can weigh model oneself function force, make male sex appeal feels to rise certainly, and be able to bear or endure suffer force to increase, exhaustion is spent reduce somewhat.

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