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Fruit to us it is a kind of indispensable food in daily life. Rich moisture content is contained not only in the fruit, candy cent, and still have human body place must vitamin. Often eat fruity person skin to meet very water is tender smooth, and fall ill not easily also. Besides, the fruit still has other a lot of advantage. Can help human body enhance immune power. Some people can have the symptom of kidney empty, incorporate is kidney empty hair abnormal sweating due to general debility, the body is waited a moment feebly. So it what fruit eat is OK to what fruit eat does filling essence raise kidney?

Eat what filling essence to raise kidney fruit

Eat what fruit filling essence of life to raise kidney

1, Gan Xingwen of red jujube flavour, enter taste classics, have energy of life of the beneficial in filling, raise blood to calm the nerves, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong bone, enrich the blood the effect of Yi Runyan of a gas, grow. Have effect of more powerful take a tonic to build up health, can improve function of human body immunity, enhance disease-resistant ability.

2, walnutmeat is the pulp inside walnut nucleus, li Shizhen says: Walnut can ” filling kidney tells a head, beneficial wisdom ” . Filling kidney lukewarm lung, embellish bowel is aperient.

3, tomato contains rich vitamin A, C and D, wait than apple, pear, banana, grape tower above 2, 4 times. Can improve male spermatozoon chroma and vigor, improve the quality of spermatozoon, reduce barren risk.

Eat what filling essence to raise kidney fruit

4, litchi not only the flesh is qualitative fragile tender, qing Dynasty is sweet goluptious, and nutrition is rich, litchi of every 100 grams contains protein 0.9 grams, adipose 0.2 grams, carbohydrate 14 grams, still contain a lot ofthe microelement with a variety of indispensible human body and vitamin.

5, medlar is medicine eats the fruit that is the same as a source. Have kidney of lung of clear liver, embellish, grow, profit gas, raw energy, aid in relief, dispel the wind, bright eye, filling empty the effect such as Lao Hejiang bones and muscles. To certain male not the disease such as fatigue of deficient, seminal emission, premature ejaculation, empty has Yo, kidney distinct effect.

6, papaya sex lukewarm, taste is sour, enter liver, lienal classics, have disappear to feed, drive bug, qing Dynasty is hot, the effect of dispel the wind. Papaya sex is lukewarm, not cold not dry, among them nutrition is absorbed easily by human body, get when lung proper moist hind, can enrage invigorate the circulation of blood all right better.

7, small acid of grape flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, have filling liver kidney, beneficial to enrage the effect of blood, appetizing force, unripe body fluid and benefit pee. Still contain the amino acid that a variety of human body place need. Can treat short bare of prostatitis and pee acerbity painful disease.

Eat what filling essence to raise kidney fruit

The female suits to eat what fruit between equipment pregnancy

1, apple: To equipment pregnant mom, many yellow ketone and carbohydrate, and vitamin A, C, E and antioxidant, stimulative metabolism.

2, mango: To equipment pregnant mom can can reduce cholesterol, triglyceride, be helpful for disease of heart and vessels of prevention and cure.

3, Liu Chen: Orange, shaddock, orange these willow orange kind fruit, contain minute of rich carbohydrate, can increase airframe strength, add the flexibility of blood capillary, it is cure inappetence of equipment pregnant mom, bosom is abdominal distension painful natural fine medicine.

4, yangtao: E of C of rich carotene, vitamin, vitamin and folic acid still are contained to wait in yangtao, can increase the strength of the body, conduce to fetal development.

Fruit of a lot of moment is a kind of food that looks good-looking not only, still be one kind tastes the cordial with rich nutrition, because of the need that people lives and works, while human body is using up great energy and nutrient, the microelement that needs timely and right amount compensatory body place to need and comprehensive battalion nurturance are divided. So, the meeting in a lot of fruits is included prandial in the microelement that lack, satisfy the need of the body.

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