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A traditional name dish that the water cutlet that boil is Sichuan area, as a result of Sichuan area great majority the person eats so that compare hemp hot, so the cutlet that boil also can compare corresponding water hemp is hot. The person of a few other areas boils cutlet in draft when, although love to eat to be overcome however its hemp is hot, wanting to be able to boil cutlet in order to do the water of a few delicate edition. Delicate water boils cutlet and traditional water to boiled cutlet to be distinguished somewhat, what is the practice of the delicate water cutlet that boil so?

Delicate water boils cutlet practice encyclopedia

Advocate makings tenderloin 250g

Complementary material oil is right amount salt is right amount black peppery egg white of 50g of bud of one teaspoon soya bean a corn starch is right amount dry chili is right amount Chinese prickly ash is right amount big bone right amount Jiang Kuo measures anise of Shang Yi bowl essence of rape 50g chicken is right amount pink of Chinese prickly ash is right amount cooking wine is right amount green Chinese onion is right amount

Delicate water boils cutlet practice encyclopedia


Flesh of 1. general tenderloin slice (aspic did not change the flesh that appear completely to had better be cut too) salt, cooking wine, soy, egg white is added in the container that the cutlet that; will cut magnifies, starch catchs divide evenly with the hand, souse 10 minutes.

The time of 2. brawn can do the following work: rape abluent equipment is good (big cole can be cut paragraph) ; cuts green chopped green onion, ginger cuts end, garlic to also cut end; to cut chili paragraph, seed of take out chili (can eat hot can leave) ,

3. burns boiler heat to put salad oil (the quantity that stir-fries at ordinary times) put a few Chinese prickly ash and dry chili to explode sweet (should use small internal heat) ; puts powder of garlic of ginger of a few green to explode a fragrance;

Delicate water boils cutlet practice encyclopedia

4. puts rape and bean sprouts food, open conflagration to fry 2 minutes to put salt to fry divide evenly;

Soup-stock or water are put in 5. past boiler, big baked wheaten cake opens; to accuse dish to do water share, the cole that looks for an old vessel to will been fried and bean sprouts are put level.

6. has one boiler boiled water additionally, shake the cutlet that has bloated with the hand medicinal powder in leaving boiler, delimit with the chopstick medicinal powder, reopen boiler cutlet becomes angry completely can

7. cutlet is scooped up in the bowl, chili pink mixes scatter above.

8. filters Shang Shui falls into the bowl.

9. has pot additionally chili of 34 spoon Chinese prickly ash is oily, burn heat, irrigate above can.

Small stick person

The water cutlet that boil is special a few sweet hang

1, dry chili Duan Hehua any of several hot spice plants must scamper gets palm red fragile sweet, the oil that scamper crosses chili and Chinese prickly ash is used fry ripe vegetable. Scamper is scattered on cutlet after chop of sweet chili Chinese prickly ash, taste anxious sweet glibly, have taste very.

2, irrigate so that heat up oil to must be burned very hotly finally, irrigate go up to just can come out the fragrance boil in water for a while of garlic powder.

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