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Article introduction

Green tea is a kind of tea that south often sees, although green tea is very cheap, but bubble is in water faint scent is goluptious, get of a lot of ordinary peoples love. But, after green tea bubble was taken off, may have agonized taste, some people do not suit this kind of flavour. Accordingly, we can immerse green tea and honey together, in can reducing tea so acrid, also can make water more delicate. So, what effect do green tea and honey make tea have?

Honey of green tea bubble has what effect

1, effect

Bitter sex of green tea flavour is cold, contain tan qualitative, chlorophyll, can clear heat is alexipharmic, fight bacterium diminish inflammation; Sex of honey flavour pleasant is smooth, contain carbohydrate, amino acid, enzymatic kind, vitamin and a few mineral, have the effect with aperient bowel of gas of the antiseptic detoxify, beneficial in filling, embellish. Both conpatibility of medicines, supplement each other, already can antiseptic diminish inflammation, can increase airframe strength again. Alleviate in chronic pharyngitis period take can prevent effectively to have a relapse, phlogistic to acute pharyngitis, tonsil effect is very ideal also.

Honey of green tea bubble has what effect

2, practice:

Transfer into in a cup of lukewarm green tea honey, put into a lemon can, before drinking can iced, or put ice cube [2]

Effective prescription

With green tea 10 grams boiled water develops bubble, add acacia to spend honey 30 grams are used after agitate divide evenly wait for lukewarm times tea again and again drink is taken. Everyday potion, take 10 days to be able to get effective repeatedly. Take 10 days every year repeatedly, pharyngitis won’t have a relapse again.

Honey of green tea bubble has what effect

3, edible

One, edible method: Fresh honey can be taken directly, also can deserve to be taken into lukewarm aqueous solution, but cannot rush with boiled water absolutely or high temperature evaporate is boiled, because add high temperature hind if significant component is enzymatic wait for active material to be destroyed. Honey had better make after using 40 degrees of the following warm boiled water or dilute of cool boiled water, be taken.

2, take dose: As cure or auxiliary cure, grow up one day 100 grams, do not exceed 200 grams, cent is taken 3 times early, mediumly, late, children edible quantity is 30 grams best, but should inspect age size and decide. Use at cure, it is a period of treatment with two months; As sanitarian dose but take into consideration the circumstances is reduced, general everyday 50 grams of 10 ~ .

3, cannot rush in order to use boiled water or high temperature evaporate boils honey, because heat inconsequently, can make the nutrient material in honey is played havoc with, in honey enzymatic miss work, darken, fragrance volatilizes, flavor change, the has unpleasantness tart flavor that feed.

4, the edible time of honey has greatly exquisite, all compare in edible of hour of the 2-3 after anteprandial 1-1.5 hour or meal commonly appropriate. Honey cannot be filled in be being put in metalware, lest add the content of the heavy metal in honey.

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