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Article introduction

Eggbeater what is daily a kind of very common thing in the life, basically use dozen of egg white, pass eggbeater the thing with this very easy thing, egg white dismisses make all sorts of food cream thereby or cake, the stuff in believing the person that has used eggbeater can know eggbeater will make egg white dismisses, to other way it is very convenient, so hit egg white to need how long with eggbeater?

Hit egg white to want with eggbeater how long

One, hit egg white to want with eggbeater how long

Move eggbeater to dismiss with the hand albumen, general 15 minutes.

2, the segment that makes egg white need to notice

1, the egg wants fresh. The egg white of new egg is very ropy, dismiss easily. The proposal chooses lake of Chun Anqian island to put in a suitable place to breed egg, a few hours are refrigerated in freezer after redemptive home, the effect is better.

2.Egg white, yoke should depart complete, cannot leave the yoke of a tiny bit, otherwise if dismiss very hard. If not was sure, had better depart egg white in small bowl first, enter the dry, stainless steel washbasin that does not have oil again next. The egg white in egg chicken is occupied about 58% , yoke is occupied 31% , chorion is occupied 11% .

3.Move eggbeater to little file () of the 1st archives, agitate hits about 20 seconds, egg white fluid can generate a lot of big bubble. This one step is very crucial.

4.Move eggbeater to fast archives, left hand helps washbasin in a way up to tilt, let make egg head as far as possible ” draft ” a few deeper, egg white is hitting egg head to go up like wrap up same, agitate is hit 2 to 3 minutes.

Hit egg white to want with eggbeater how long

5.If make relative wind cake, can join tower tower pink and white saccharic white right now, continue next agitate hits 3 minutes or so. The bulk of egg white is met expand 5 times above, the trace that the head that lay an egg has delimited is clearer and clearer.

6.Mention gently the head that lay an egg, egg white can appear a small needle, explain egg white dismissed already basically. Egg white dismisses have the branch that wet sex dismisses and drying dismisses. The time length that distinction is making at agitate only just.

7, should call the egg white that gives out high quality, you learn to adjust even the PH value of egg white. The acidity material of minim can make bleb stabler. Dismiss egg white compares commonly used acidity material to Potassium of tartaric acid hydrogen, its its pink, white vinegar, lemon juice waits, but it is the simplest that the family makes action white vinegar convenient.

Hit egg white to want with eggbeater how long

8, had mastered dismiss the speed of egg white.

No matter be manual,still dismiss with eggbeater egg white, must have mastered dismiss the speed of egg white, rise to middling speed and high speed slowly from low speed, must not hit with respect to fast agitate at the beginning, the egg white bulk that such hitting go out is smaller, and bleb is big and not stable.

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