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Abecedarian practices taekwondo should noticing what item

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 Taekwondo abecedarian reachs a house toward come-and-go this new environment is met sometimes very confused, do not know oneself how to should get used to this new environment, and one this detail also is after a phase training in taekwondo, just can understand slowly, so whenAttentionItem asks a new student people advertent, so as to save encounters awkwardness until taekwondo trains.


1, salute: And pace straightforward style stands, proneness thing upper part of the body 30 degrees, head proneness bows 45 degrees salute, the ceremony finishs, the upper part of the body reductive into pose of stand at attention. Other wait like stand at attention, lull, sitting position with at ordinary times the movement in gym has distinction, answer to consult normative pose in time to the coach inside the house or old boy

2, Taekwondo with the ceremony only then with the ceremony eventually, exercise taekwondo should notice oneself behavior behaves, the garment that should not cross a portion to be not rectified enters a house, or make a racket inside path house, chatting josh is very clodhopping behavior, should not take all sorts of appliance and path to take have have fun, path house has cushion do not wear a shoe to walk above, when house of path of pass in and out, answer in house doorway place to path house (division of country, line) salute.

3, training phonates: The training of taekwondo phonates in the process OK and incentive spirit, improve training result, at the same time have the aid of phonates physical strength can decrease to use up on certain level, phonate mediumly in actual combat the function that can improve individual self-confidence to have awe opponent at the same time, the class hour at the beginning of leucorrhoea new student may feel unaccustomed, but should let him nurturance phonate goodly habit, in order to improve training result

4, attend training at the beginning the ceremony of ensign line division when is an important segment, should not be late intentionally this is a kind extremely clodhopping behavior, when if special situation is late,preparation attends training into the team, ran comes beside the coach or the place that can see, bow salute in order to show apology, classics coach agrees with junior team to attend training; to in training additionally, answer to shut the mobile phone or be moved to vibration, if meet special condition,answer to signal of coach raise one’s hand, classics after agreeing, leave again.

  5, The new student is not put have attend training from Bei or the psychology that are cynical, because you are a new student,old boy is inferior to on the technology is the work that does not pass normally again, and the process ability that each old boy can experience you want now makes old boy, do not do because of him what so bad and feel from Bei, want to good state of mind and volition go facing training instead, some movements are done unaccustomed or be feeling comical is normal, this needs you to be faced seriously

6, After finishing first time to train a class normally, meet those who the place such as leg or knee aches resemble now, this attributes normal phenomenon, a first month needs to hold to really, but jump over in the future you can feel more relaxed, that is you when progressing.




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