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Often hit shadowboxing to alleviate insomnious much dream

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   ShadowboxingMotion can improve the health, in the meantime, because its are in the process that limbs moves,can adjust body core condition, still can use at soInsomniaThe recuperation of the symptom of a kind of disease such as much dream. Have a lot ofInsomniaPatient report, often hitShadowboxing, feel healthy not only, morpheus quality also rose insensibly.

Appear such result, expert of net of portal of preserve one’s health is analysed, when exercise shadowboxing moves, although the person’s appearance, limbs is being moved, but its can pass consciousness revulsive make cerebrum enters what “ regains consciousness to restrain condition ” , enter to static, namely outside content stimulation does not have action to the sense organ, although move You Jing. Practice concentration of height of the attention in the process, ” of intention of together with “ is coriaceous to cerebrum good adjustment trains action, at the same time limbs, truncal motion, of splanchnic system inside move need cerebrum to center next controlling in height, secondhand good to arriving since central nervous system adjustment action, what improve central nervous system thereby is stimulant, the function of active and other system and organ, strengthened the adjustment with coriaceous cerebra function. It is after a series of this aggrandizement processes, the nerve function of people gets ameliorative, the clammy symptom nature such as insomnious much dream gets alleviating.

Additional, " inside classics " in say to be defended inside “ spirit, disease is installed all along ” . The motion that shadowboxing motion is syncretic of person of syncretic of union of a kind of activity, body and mind, day. Its motion is coherent, circular vivid, the whole body successively perforative, the person that together with needs an exercise has regular land even luck, while systemic muscle, joint gets sufficient activity, splanchnic system and each organization carry the effective trade of oxygen and carbon dioxide, assimilated enough nutrient substance, had favorable sanitarian effect. When the exercise, there are sweet, Ning Mu, reason and mystery inside body, give cerebrum each system such as coriaceous, central nervous splanchnic organization with sufficient nutrition, destroy base of action of insomnious much dream.

Through afore-mentioned analysises, we can realise, shadowboxing motion because can the interpretation of the cause of much dream of insomnia of hit the point, just make so the person that practice is in short-term inside obtain preserve one’s health to treat a disease the achievement that great achievements holds concurrently.

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