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Static result and move result

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 ” of static result of the “ in qigong and move of result divisional, it is whether the dimensional position with the body when acrobatics changes of melt into standard. ” of “ static result is to show the body when acrobatics maintains immobile in dimensional position method of a kind of result. Although look to be not moved from the appearance, spirit is very halcyon also, but below the idea activity effect that the function of internal organs of the body inside human body is deciding tropism, be in keep adjusting campaign, namely alleged “ is moved in outside having static ” , “ , be moved and inside form of static ” , “ is moved and inside divine static ” .

“ moves result ” is when pointing to acrobatics, the body produces law of a kind of result ceaselessly in dimensional position. Although see ceaseless quake from the appearance, but mental activity keeps relatively halcyon however, namely alleged “ is moved in outside having static ” , “ , be moved and inside form of static ” , “ is moved and divine static ” .

Static result can press different school and acrobatics purpose cent to be a lot of planting, if cure home is spat method of result method, meritorious service of Taoism week weather, Buddhist buddhist decides method of result of sit quietly of result method, Confucianist to wait; Yi Ke is horizontal by acrobatics pose cent static result, sit type static work, station type static work.

Move result can divide by different acrobatics pose move for horizontal result, sit type moves type of result, station result, walk type is moved result. Still can press random covers cent to move result and blame to cover a road to move to cover a region surely result two kinds big.

Alleged cover a road to move result, it is the requirement that shows the movement has standardization, from case result to the order that receives the whole process of result to have a regulation. Provoke one type, a paragraph, the demand that must press a regulation and program are done. The behavioral program demand that is not a road to move result criterion to do not have standardization and section provoke type, can mix by the feeling at that time when acrobatics intention will move relative to optional ground. Be not a road to move result still can divide further to come loose hand result is mixed cause result.

   Medicinal powder hand result: It is to show in practised ground control covers a road to move the foundation of result to go up, throw into confusion completely when acrobatics the section process that covers a region formerly, go up in action type also unlike cover a road to move result is so typical, retain the certain style that provokes type formerly only, have cancelled to cover road and action type formerly already, embedded with cover road and action type to be like formerly with not like lasting appeal characteristic.

   Cause result: Also be called by a few people initiative result, bring move result, static move result, it is complete do not accept a road and action type restriction, feel the way of a kind of work of optional motion by right of what appear inside the body when entering static state.

Although can part qigong work way,move for Jing Gonghe result two large distinct categories, but method of two kinds of result also has a lot of general character. If be on acrobatics method, all ask to move heart of body of breath, attune, attune; On acrobatics pose, all ask to loosen, natural, and the activity in method of two kinds of result is opposite, static in have move, in moving, have static.

Of course, static result and move result the respect waits in utility of purpose sex, action and suitable scope, also each somewhat advocate. For example although static result also has effect to body, but more important is to pass halcyon mind, breed true energy of life to adjust plane of air of internal organs of the body, make integral function activity coordinates a balance, will achieve the effect that fitness treats a disease; Move although result also asks spirit is halcyon, but more it is the motion that passes the body, “ guides gas makes mix, bring body to make soft ” , connect benefit blood arteries and veins, easy anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong bone, make body haler.

It is study static result no matter, still be study is moved result, ask consciousness achieves static status. Consequently, deciding the size of acrobatics effect greatly into static speed and the depth that enter static degree. Some people often are entered not easily static, can move through the exercise first result, in the idea that the behavioral place that makes attention centers ceaseless commutation easily asks, turn again next Lian Jinggong, achieve static goal more easily.

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