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White-collar how conserve heart prevents a disease

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Above all, air temperature drops cause vasomotor, blood pressure elevatory, heartbeat is added fast, bring about heart burden accentuation.

Next, the systole that chill still can cause coronary artery even convulsion, the blood that affects heart itself directly is supplied, cause angina pectoris or cardiac muscle stalk to die

Moreover, attend all sorts of dinner parties and party, if eat the food of high adipose, high cholesterol such as big meat of big fish of sea a place of strategic importance why, do not leave an opening from hand, wine plus smoke, not the rule rests wait for undesirable lifestyle, meet those who increase disease of heart head blood-vessel to happen.

   Disease signal wants special vigilance


Anxiety sense everybody has, but if feel “ adversity is coming of ” be close to when dead feeling, adumbrative heart is sufferring “ extruding ” .

   Bosom is unwell

Constant expression is a kind of oppressive feeling, is not acuteness bosom painful or burn feeling.

   Be discouraged

Be engaged in slight labor feeling palpitation, tired merely, or enrage a bit quickly on foot urgent.


Especially female, want to take seriously to counting day or several weeks exhaustion continuously. Some people still can appear unusually lack of power, look seem hale person, sudden sense steps forward dimension difficult, take effort of a cup of tea to be done not have repeatedly even.

  Disgusting or inappetence

The abdomen of heart exhaustion be caused by when strut of each viscera gore, can let a person feel unwell or gastric ministry is disgusting desire vomit, appetite also drops apparently.

   Fast or irregular pulse is jumpy

This is different from now and then the heartbeat is too fast, if companion has apparently lack of power, giddy, breath hurried wait, may be a heart attack is augural.

  Give a suit cold sweat suddenly

Although sit on the chair motionless, still keep perspiring, the likelihood is the signal of the heart attack.


The heart declines the patient appears extremely easily strut is unwell, before happening in ankle, leg normally, ham or abdomen, some people can appear abrupt gain weight.


Often happen in play knife and fork, cold, smoking, or it is the movie that sees clue strain, TV when.

  Often sleep lightly in the dream

In sleep soundly or doing nightmare process, sleep lightly suddenly, feel palpitation, bosom frowsty, breath not free, need sits up ability improves.

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