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  The female compares slow heat in sexual love, Female climaxtime is shorter, Sex climaxNeed certain skill to just can be entered. ClitorisAchieve a climax to need longerForeplay. How to stimulateFemaleOrgasm? Share youFemaleClimaxexciting skill.

   (one) it is body contact above all, the woman likes a man to touch feminine hand softly. If the hand of a woman byNervoushandclasp or a nervous little sign feeling, she won’t like.

   (2) the woman does not defy handclasp and allusive man to entertain the wife in the bosom, the movement wants fast, want fierce, the female likes man expression to go out violentDesire, holding in the arms closely next, show consideration for the body together, always together, this also is the sense that most woman needs. Caress at the same time, at the same time light tone fine sign is little not, man often groan also is place of a few mature women is yearning. The woman knows the man is in devoted feeling, had begun to brew. Next you can hold her in the arms more closely, next on the breast that conscious or involuntary ground puts your hand in her and genital, let her feel you.

   (3) the kiss that is passion next should heat up a kiss, want tenderness, want long, want deep feeling, want subsist, let a woman feel in the kiss, this is the man’s kongfu. The tongue should touch her tongue ceaselessly in feminine mouth, and rhythm speed, kiss a little while with the lip sometimes, turn sometimes the head, let kiss switchback, the woman can be in this momently, the station can accommodate the woman of soft softness to sit in most person, had better go up in the bed, can go up in sofa without the condition or anyplace.

   The kiss should continue, the hand that kisses a woman continuously begins to extend Xiang Nan below the person, the body is very hot, approach a man, the sexual desire of that woman all the time very intense. When the man can take the advantage of a woman to did not revolt, begin feminine dress, the movement wants gentleness, do not want to stop, do not comment on feminine dress, put the clothes at the back to say weller, can affect feminine mood otherwise.

   (4) let female sprint now, the man should not take off trousers, let strut of his below half body, continue to kiss her at the same time, touch her breast with both hands. It touchs a breast to begin from tender ground, focus all attention in apogee next, over, the female also can erect, the genital that believes her is very wet.

   (5) the male can begin to enter besides normally sexual behavior, the woman likes to sit on man body most, face-to-face. Let a woman relapse climax, climax happen frequently, at this moment the man provides a woman no longer, just loosen sexual intercourse. The return trip is pretty good also; is better when standing to make love with female; , should maintain altitude consistent; achieves climax hind a few times in the female, the male should prepare fire.

   Healthy sexual life is very important really, feminine sexual desire also needs good stimulation, a lot of moment, feminine heat is slower also, man or need are so patient.

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