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Prostatitis is the inflammation disease with male common division, can prevent in the life, if be affected unfortunately, seasonable cure is attached most importance to especially should, the common cure method that prostatitis sees together below.

Can be treated and prostatitis can prevent, toAcute prostatitis, want to give antibiotic in time treatment only, complementary treat the whole body in order to see hot demulcent drug unwell, can be in short-term inside cure, prognosis is general and good. Chronic prostatitis, treat time admittedly longer, but semiotic subsidise not quite showing. ProstatitisSolve countermeasure to be as follows:

① chooses appropriate antibiotic remedy;

② prostate is massaged in order to promote the drainage of prostate fluid;

③ uses tepid water hip bath, everyday 1 ~ 2, it is simple and effective method;

④ is treated with Chinese traditional medicine, can choose giant knotweed 5 gram, 5 clever fat 9 gram, black and white ugly each 3 gram, earthy the root of bidentate achyranthes 15 gram, borneol 3 gram (irruptive) , water simmer in water is taken, everyday 1 agent;

⑤ ego is prevented suffer from, include to enhance body disease-resistant power, avoid to drink with edible hot food with reducing prostateHyperaemia, adjust sexual life, prevent mandatory interrupt ejaculation, can cause prostate congestion otherwise, gland body is outspread, organize oedema and cause inflammation sex pathology to change;

⑥ has prostatitis patient, cannot treat sth lightly, because prostatitis can affect the vigor of the quality of Y of essence of life and Z of essence of life, partial patient can happenThe male not Yo, the patient that has not borne so still should be appropriate in time to hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment.

Above is 6 measure that answer prostatitis, hope to the male friends are helped somewhat, dividing this to do good defense to work also is very crucial.

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