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Dot money feature came venereal, catch urticant be caughtAcuteness wet wart, acerbWet wartSo fierce really? One of provenance of acerb ” of the “ in acuteness wet wart, it is to show verrucous body highlights skin surface, appearance “ acerb ” . The “ appearance ” that although partial acuteness is wet verrucous verrucous body may do not have acuteness now, but the place that it still has acerb ” of 3 big “ :

  One of acuteness:

Acuteness wet wart not only can contact transmission through the gender, and can travel through polluting the medical contacts such as the bath towel of virus, tub, briefs. This ill case that produces in the body place beyond genital is seen from time to tome, the week that be like anus, oral cavity, alar, scalp, external auditory meatus, have when mucous membrane of osculatory place skin especially smallTraumaticWhen easier infection. Still can travel through Mu Ying additionally. But overall for, travel secondhand through these ways normally scarcer, and great majority is to pass a gender to contact transmission. Two case that reason media reports: Dot money feature came venereal, catch urticant caught acuteness wet wart, not be to be impossible, but not common.


Acuteness wet wart belongs to venereal category, once by diagnose, many patients can bear heavy psychological responsibility. When sicken of the one party between husband and wife, double convenient and mutualSuspicious, bring about domestic feud harmonious, cause crisis of a marriage probably even. Look from this angle, this also is the expression of its “ acerb ” . So, be in clinical on, the diagnosis of wet to acuteness wart compares the doctor commonly discreet. Produce rash when genital place, without feculent sex when osculatory history, if beard and the skin disease that produce in genital place are false disease of papula of shape of pearl of sexual wet wart, **** , sebaceous glands different wait for disease to if happen in genital place,differentiate; , have feculent sexual intercourse history, also mix even 2 period syphilis rash (compressed wet wart) if happen in blame genital place to wait like the head,differentiate; , criterion more want discreet, want at this moment and the dermatosis such as mole of common wart, verrucous shape, sebaceous glands mole is differentiated.


Acerb wet verrucous easy recrudesce, let a person feel trouble deeply, this is the one big difficult problem that puzzles people all the time. The reason of the recrudesce of acuteness wet wart and reappearance concerns with a variety of elements: Function of ① patient immunity drops, especially the ② of main reason; that cellular immunity function is reduced is recrudesce cannot stimulate human body to produce stronger immunity after human body of this virus infection when respondent; ③ is being treated, small wart of not complete and cleared remains, or already had all round former small wart inferior clinical infection, naked eye is indistinguishable, become infection of across of both sides of husband and wife of verrucous; ④ to because scratch,cause reappearance; ⑤ through developing again after period of time catch or individual sanitation is undesirable cause oneself have an inoculation, etc.

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