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Sudden death, what this word appears in modern society is increasing, it is the white-collar with busy job mostly, work overtime for a long time, stay up late brought about young body to appear a lot of problems, the working intensity exceeding of excess load is compressing the body, the disease is broken out when arriving, cause sudden death. Its neutral sudden death also is a the commonnest kind, and common at 30 years old of males, what reason is this? The whole world is famous and bisexual relation expert writings brush · case thunder introduces about.

Sexual sudden death is the commonnest have etc of hypertensive, coronary heart disease at sufferring from the patient of all sorts of heart disease, because the sexual life of high excitement is easy,cause cardiac muscle to be short of physiology of report of blood, cardiac muscle to be not stabilized, cause rhythm of the heart of serious room sex wrong and sudden death. The arteriosclerosis that be like a head or congenital head aneurism, Blood-vessel is unbalancedPerson, can rise suddenly as a result of blood pressure, cerebral blood-vessel burst, happenBleedThe gender is apoplectic and sudden death.

Sexual sudden death and rage, spiritNervous, excessive excitement and drink wait for an element to concern, especially sexual excitement of height and high-frequency sexual life, very big to heart influence. Like old husband and young wife this is planted sexual spouse circumstance, bilateral age differs big, when senile male and wife travel sex, the heartbeat rises fast, excited meeting makes sympathetic vasomotor rise with blood pressure, below extreme circumstance blood-vessel also is met burst, the heart is easy appear early wrestle, cause sexual sudden death extremely easily thereby.

Sexual sudden death not only easy at happening in senile man, also can happen at woman and the person of all sorts of ages. According to research, incidence of a disease of 30 years old of or so men is highest, it is 50 years old respectively by order next, 40 years old, 20 years old are controlled with 60 years old, majority is sudden death of heart source sex. Accordingly, no matter men and women, after if turn over recrudescent natural disposition,living acuteness have a headache, should go to a hospital be being checked further. Patient of some heads aneurism lifts because of skull internal pressure when the gender is actuation cause have a headache, DisgustingVomit, this kind of patient is easy produce arachnoid haemorrhage finishing speech and endanger life, produce sudden death even.

To avoid to produce the phenomenon of this kind of extreme joy begets sorrow, the expert thinks, have the person that hypertensive, coronary heart disease reachs other heart disease, and the person that ever had produced arachnoid haemorrhage finishing speech, not beyond the mark when sexual life excitement is excited. Do not drink before sexual life, the stimulant beverage such as drink coffee, or a large number of smoking; Husband and wife meets again after a long separation not beyond the mark and excited, be in especially long-distance when returning by the car, ying Xianxiu ceases in order to eliminateFatigue; Should lie on the bed after sexual life, had better sleep shut-eye, do not get up instantly clean, micturition, take food, bathe. In addition, should notice sexual life environment wants quiet, comfortable, airiness; Coronary heart disease is intentionalAnginaSemiotic patient, the appropriate before sexual life takes monobel or pass the time in a leisurely way Ding of benzene of aching, saltpetre, if angina pectoris happens to should suspend sexual life in sexual life process, contain below the tongue take monobel piece; In addition, shocking sexual relationship, super-cooling, overheat and special environment are strong to mental stimulation, should avoid.

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