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According to statistic, a lot of men haveThe penis bendsPhenomenon, reason the pose besides sexual intercourse is undeserved outside, often wearing tight jeans also is male meet with suffers from chronic penis bent a reason. Not little now youth because angle is popular, love is beautiful, make fun of cruel, issue half-length beauty for pursuit model and love dress tights, some people connect briefs also the preference is tight design, come down for a long time to the penis is oppressed easily and be brought about bend.

According to statistic, in urological department disease, have 7 ~ about the male of 8% has phallic bent appearance more or less, the penis curves degree serious, the person that need an operation to treat is occupied about 1% . Among them, patient of acute penis bent is occupied 2.5% .

The commonnest circumstance is the men and women makes love posture pose is too undeserved, intense, excessive make force is caused the penis breaks off or bend badly, especially with female go up male the position below is the commonnest. Posteriority penis bends to be able to be divided again bend for acute penis, chronic penis bends. Acute penis bent happens to have a specific event normally, for example fracture or it is pose of posture of the men and women when making love, make force incorrect, cause the penis too suddenly to bend badly forcibly, break off.

Chronic penis curves a patient cannot be since clear memory normally happen below what kind of circumstance. Chronic penis bends to be not had on the exterior break off apparently, it is the small contusion that place of accumulate over a long period forms mostly, when making love for example, too ultra intense, excessive make force, although did not break off on the spot, long time comes down, accumulative small contusion also can make the penis bends.

Besides the problem of sexual behavior, masturbation means it is undeserved, easy also to often wear tight jeans to be caused the penis case of chronic penis bent happens.

The penis curves patient age to be centered in 20 ~ 40 years old, it is 50 ~ 60 years old next. Can discover in outpatient service, 20 ~ young patient of 40 years old is the phase with more frequent sexual life, at the same time also relatively the change that cares about him sexual organs, begging; of cure of make a diagnosis and give treatment actively consequently is other in part a little the requirement comes round to see examine, even some of disease suffers from because of psychological element dare not hand in a girlfriend, marry. Because sexual behavior is too ultra,also having a patient additionally is intense and bring about acute penis to be folded, send cure emergency call.

Patient of 60 years old is worth 50 ~ male the turn of life, sexual function ebbs gradually, if incorporate right now,the penis bends, the word of loath sexual behavior, the case that incidental penis gets hurt or breaks off. The penis bends serious person, want an examination to whether the clique is like the Buddhist nun family name disease (the likelihood of Peyronie.sdisease) .

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