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  Sexual life knowledge: Harmonious sexual life the 5 fun in experiencing a room about bisexual topic, everybody is interested quite. Especially married couples, longSexual life of husband and wifeHarmonious, a lot of great understanding 2Sexual skillMedium importantSexual life knowledge, can let you there is better experience in bisexual life not only, also can bring more healthy sexual life for you at the same time. We look below a fewSexual life knowledgeintroduce.

Do not want interpose to conceive sexual illusion

Sexual illusion is a good idea, according to his heart the hope is imaginedLoveother in part, can the apiration according to oneself. Boast of not scant appreciation is told

Because some women are self-abased and in loving, compare bashful, the male should speak highly of her more, make her self-confident rise. The eye that uses appreciation looks at her body, next genuine complimentary her body.

Probably the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married on her waist destroyed figure, but her plump bosom, bring soft feel to you, so can much praise her bosom. The investment that your praise can allow she is more prideful arrivesSexIn.

Do not refuseAppeal things

  AppealThings promoted sexual harmony on sure degree, and let sweethearts people the investment of enthusiasm of all the more goes in sexual life, are you also very be charmed? Can tease a woman adequatelySexual desire. Those who make a woman true is beautiful like flower open, experience better sexual pleasure.

Can alternatePoseWith the posture

It is same every time a movement, the other side also can have an opinion, such sexual life hard to avoid lacks an influence to feel a little. Change your position, experience different sexual pose and feeling, the sexual interest that increases you is spent. Fat person sexual attitude also can much appearance is colorful.

For example, can let sexual love experience with the pillow opportunely more acuteness. Choose male on top but feel to be no good to one’s heart’s content person, can be in lumbar transfer to a lower level of the female a pillow. Type; is entered one case after choosing, in its celiac following puts a pillow, in order to prop up weight. If we are loving wooden fish   ,always do not stay in love, can experience visual wallop not just, the utterance that still can say some of effect will tease the other side, those who make its sex excited come is more swift and violent. However, sexual love is not a process that does not deliver one speech. And the man also does not like to be in on the bed not the woman of throat, so, a few words say on the bed, if making oneself and the other side excited, but should remembering is not bad language.

In knowledge of sexual life of witting husband and wife 5 not: The gout in experiencing different house lets there is sexual life experience between husband and wife and sweethearts, held these bisexual skill to be able to let both sides have stronger pleasure not only, also can add the affection between the sweetheart at the same time.

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