The practice of meal of chop polished glutinous rice


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    The practice of meal of chop polished glutinous rice, how is meal of chop polished glutinous rice done delicious

    Advocate makings: ? Gram of beat up?00, polished glutinous rice 500 grams.

    Complementary makings: ? ? piece, often smoke 1 spoon, unripe take 1 spoon, cooking wine 1 spoon, oyster sauce essence of 2 spoon, chicken right amount, salt 4 grams.

       The practice of meal of chop polished glutinous rice:

    1. ChopAbluent drop does water share, drop comes not to drip water, apparently it is OK to looked water portion to had worked, ten minutes or so.

    2. Drop does the chop of water to be put into big bowl, GingerPiece join together with chop.

    3. Be about to begin to come to chop below modulation tasted, the main sauce that I use with respect to these, still have gallinaceous essence and salt additionally.

    4. Flavoring dosage is respectively: Often smoke 1 spoon, unripe take 1 spoon, cooking wine 1 spoon, oyster sauce 2 spoon.

    5. Transfer into gallinaceous essence and salt, gallinaceous essence is put according to individual be fond of do not put, saline word adds 4 grams left and right sides, usable finger dips in to was tasted, taste rise slant a few saltier just go.

    6. After condiment has been added, mix divide evenly, last on the lid next film puts freezer cold storage is least 45 hours, I am breakfast eats commonly, chop is to shift to an earlier date one late mix up puts freezer to refrigerate one evening.

    7. Polished glutinous ricePut into big bowl to immerse with cold water, also be to shift to an earlier date likewise one late bubble, summer temperature is higher, best bubble when also be to put freezer cold storage.

    8. The polished glutinous rice with good bubble takes out abluent waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, drop of polished glutinous rice comes not to drip water is OK.

    9. The chop of one evening takes out souse, chop if fat adds one spoon oil too less, mix again next divide evenly.

    10. Polished glutinous rice and chop are ready, evaporate begins below.

    11. Steam box cloth is put on steam box, a polished glutinous rice is spread equably above, ply is less than the steam box cloth next to be beautiful with looking, operate with the hand directly when the operation can, without the usable a pot for steaming food of steam box.

    12. Next place trimly in polished glutinous rice with the chop since chopstick clip above, the chopstick places the flavoring that shrug off of the in a way when chop distills, when placing all around put apart a centimeter space.

    13. After chop has been placed entirely, build the polished glutinous rice that remain in chop again above, bloat the flavoring below chop bowl does not fall.

    14. Boiler conflagration steam comes chop on squashy, evaporate wants 40 minutes the least after water leaves, if time allows best evaporate a hour, if use the word of a pot for steaming food,medium baking temperature can turn after water leaves, otherwise too big steam vent may discharge steam to come nevertheless down to can carry cap on the head.

    15. The chop glutinous rice after evaporate is good opens lid, the sauce that goes in chop bowl again even scatter above, the place with white color can be in when scattering scatter, upper cover is built again after be being scattered child evaporate can be enjoyed a few minutes.

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