Those who suit autumn to discharge poison is delicate


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  • Fall weather is dry, the internal heat that allows a woman rises successively; and arrived autumn, maw mouth also can soar, so platoon poison also is must. Accordingly, reduce internal heatThe platoon is poisonousBecome the compulsory subject of female autumn. But mention platoon of reduce internal heat is poisonous, a lot of people can think ofBalsam pearWait for the food of these not easy entrances, does that have a few food after all already delicate can does reduce internal heat discharge poison?

    Those who suit autumn to discharge poison is delicate, autumn discharges poisonous cate encyclopedia


    Flavour pleasant, the gender is cool, have the effect of fire of clear heat, alexipharmic, dispel, it is our country traditional Chinese medical science often uses those who solve a variety of food or drug poisoning blindlyChinese traditional medicine.

    Gram contains a lot ofvitamin B, dextrose, protein, amylase, oxidation a variety of composition such as enzymatic, iron, calcic, phosphor, often feed can help excrete body endotoxin, the normal metabolization of stimulative airframe. A lot of people are after the food that eats blast of fat be bored with, decoct, hot sex, appear very easily skin Sao is urticant, dark the symptom such as sore, prickly heat, because excessive is stranded inside wet poison,this is at skin be caused by, gram has puissant and alexipharmic effect, can remove a variety of toxin.

    Suit a symptom: A lot of people been eatinging fat dirt, decoct blast, after the food of hot sex, appear easily skin Sao is urticant, dark sore, prickly heat, gram has puissant and alexipharmic effect, can remove a variety of toxin, gram can reduce cholesterol, have again protect liver and fight allergic action, in gram Shang Zhong transfers intoHoneyDrinkable, platoon poison raises Yan Gong effect is much better.


    Flavour is salty, the gender is cold, it is expectorant, poison of antiphlogistic, smooth asthma, platoon, aperient ideal discharges poisonous food.

    Effect: After the iodine in kelp can be absorbed by human body, promote content of harmful material, pathological changes and inflammation exudation eliminate, at the same time kelp contains a kind to call vitriolic polysaccharide, can absorb the cholesterol in blood-vessel, outside giving put oneself in another’s position side by side.

    Suit a symptom: Strumous the disease that be lacked with iodine greatly and causes, Hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, drug poisoning, bloated.

       Pig blood

    Flavour pleasant, bitter, the gender is lukewarm, have alexipharmic Qing Dynasty bowel, enrich the bloodHairdressingeffect.

    Pig blood contains a lot ofC of vitamin B2, vitamin, protein, iron, phosphor, calcic, Nick the nutrient composition such as acid. After the serous albumen in pig blood is decomposed by the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice inside human body, produce a kind of detoxify, clear bowel to resolve matter, can with invade particle of the dust inside human body, harmful metal to produce chemical combination to react, easily outside toxin eduction body.

    Suit a symptom: Contact the person of harmful and toxic dust for a long time, especially daily drive the driver of car. Additional, pig blood contains a lot ofiron, to anaemia complexion is cadaverous person have improvement action.


    Flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, it is nourishing since ancient times poison of powerful body, platoon is raised colour beautiful is tasted.

    Honey contains a lot ofacid of E of D of vitamin B, vitamin, vitamin, fructose, dextrose, maltose, cane sugar, high grade protein, Potassium, natrium, iron, natural flavor, lactic acid, apple, amylase, oxidation enzymatic wait for a variety of elements, relieve a cough to embellish lung, poison of aperient, platoon raises embellish bowel Yan Youxian writes effect.

    The bases dextrose in honey and fructose (content 65% one 80%) , be absorbed very easily to use by human body, in addition, c of the amino acid that still contains a variety of human body place to need, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin, iron, phosphor.

    Often eat honey to be able to achieve eduction toxin, hairdressing to raise colour the effect, mix to disease of heart and vessels of prevention and cure neurasthenic wait for disease to also have profit very much.


    Milk is very much the person thinks the summer drinks milk ” of get angry of can aggravating ” , cause be agitated, actually, milk not only won’t ” of ” get angry, still can solve hot poison, go irascibility.

    The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks milk sex is small cold, can heat up poison to produce effect of ” of ” reduce internal heat through method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, solution, and the moisture content that amounts to 70%% left and right sides is contained in milk,

    Those who need an attention is not to wantMilkAspic becomes ice cube edible, otherwise composition of a lot of nutrition will be destroyed.

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