The general lives the way of the bridge


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  • “ general crosses bridge ” renown ” snakeheaded fish two eat ” , for Yangzhou name dish. Snakeheaded fish looks sidelong at bold feral, of person for ” of general of “ dragon palace. “ crosses bridge ” is dietary industry noodle the folk adage that in making, uses, use here come over, point to with a snakeheaded fish, make an one soup fry two kinds of dish. The characteristic is, whiteness of slices of fish meat, slippery tender, piscine soup is thick white, sweet alcohol, already economy is substantial delicate and goluptious.

    The general lives the way of the bridge, the general crosses the bridge how to be done delicious

      [raw material]

    Live snakeheaded fish 1 (weigh 750 grams) about, winter bamboo shoots piece 130 grams, green vegetables heart 6, water sends dried mushrooms piece 25 grams, ripe ham piece 5 grams, the egg is clear 1, shrimp roe 2.5 grams, carry on wine 25 grams, refined salt 10 grams, vinegar 10 grams, white sugar 1 gram, very light blue paragraph 2.5 grams, green writtens guarantee 10 grams, jiang Kuai 10 grams, gallinaceous clear soup 75 grams, water is amylaceous 40 grams, sesame-seed oil 15 grams, ripe lardy 500 grams (restrict cost 150 grams) .

       The general lives the way of the bridge:

    1. snakeheaded fish scale, go branchial, behead fim, behead leaves piscine head, be in with the knife back edge is spinal two side sliver, gouge is splanchnic, piscine bowel continue to employ, next abluent. Put piscine side on chopping block, approve next two sides cruelly oppress, again inclined approve 0.5 centimeters thick piece, put refined salt is added inside the bowl Qing Dynasty of 1 gram, egg, water is amylaceous 20 grams mix divide evenly size.

    2. piscine bowel sliver, with contamination of clear water scour off, reoccupy refined salt 5 grams gently rub is kneaded, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean. Carry snakeheaded fish backbone on the back bone and the fish that go abluent, behead is agglomerate, piscine head breaks off two Pan. Build dish mind department into the circle, dish leaf is cut triangularly.

    3. The buy that fry pan burns heat on flourishing fire, dip is entered ripe lardy, burn to 4 when becoming heat, put slices of fish meat to delimit oily, boiler drop oil goes out when waiting for color to show cream color. Former boiler buy burns heat on flourishing fire, put ripe lardy 50 grams, after burning heat, put very light blue paragraph, bamboo shoot piece 65 grams, dried mushrooms piece 12 grams, after stir-fry before stewing is fried a few times, the wine that add carry on clear soup of 10 grams, white sugar, chicken, refined salt 1 gram, after burning boil, with 20 grams water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale, enter slices of fish meat, drench sesame-seed oil turns over boiler, fill next put those who have vinegar dish in become a fried dish namely.

    4. Put bowel of piscine head, fishbone, fish syncopation of boiling water boiler to iron together, fish out uses clear water rinse and drop goes water, put clear water is put inside arenaceous boiler 1000 grams, the wine that add carry on 15 grams, green knot, Jiang Kuai (pat a pine) , bamboo shoot piece 65 grams, shrimp roe, after boil is being burned on buy flourishing fire, add ripe lardy 80 grams, burn to when Shang Senong is white, put green vegetables heart, dried mushrooms piece 13 grams, after the heart that stay course is ripe, add refined salt again 3 grams, burn boil, pick green, a surname next, boiler fills big soup bowl since inside, put leg of suffer from excessive internal heat piece become Shang Cai namely. On other equipment is ginger rice, sweet when the desk vinegar dips in feed.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    1. Slices of fish meat is unfavorable approve too thinly, prevent to heat when cook broken. Size of slices of fish meat must be caught mix even and consummate interest, otherwise, take off an oar easily, bring about brittle, mouthfeel old.

    2. Fry pan abluent after burning heat, cheer again, can prevent to delimit the slices of fish meat when oil touchs boiler so, notice control oil is lukewarm, boiler is fried to leave anger in time when fire is big.

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