The practice of Guangdong hotpot Bao


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  • The practice of Guangdong hotpot Bao, how is hotpot Bao done delicious?

    One, feed capable person: Ovine Nan (costal region is discharged) 4 jins, Garlic4, column awaits half bottles of sauce, fermented bean curd 3, oily half bowls, lemongrass, caoguo 3, a few of Chinese prickly ash, anise (taste of the Chinese cassia tree that increase a point is better) .

      2, the practice of Guangdong hotpot Bao:

    1. Ovine Nan abluent drop works, garlic is abluent cut paragraph, lemongrass, caoguo, Chinese prickly ash, anise rushs with water clean, caoguo needs to dissection.

    2. Issue ovine Nan Pi Chao whole to put skin of the bake in a pan in boiler, open conflagration, need not put oil, with hand impaction, become brown till the skin.

    3. After good skin of bake in a pan, take blow a skin with the knife, scrape redundant fat oil and anxious part.

    4. Wash pan clean, add one boiler water, put into ovine Nan, caoguo, Chinese prickly ash, anise, citronella, boil 20 minutes.

    5. Scoop ovine Nan, behead, yang Shang uses household utensils Cheng Fang additionally, in order to wait for hind with.

    6. Wash pan clean, open conflagration, put Jiang Pian to explode sweet, add half bowls of oil again, also put in additionally two caoguo, join the ovine Nan with good behead, conflagration breaks up fry, add column to await half bottles of sauce again, fermented bean curd 3, garlic head. Fry probably 10 minutes or so, pour the Yang Shang before in one part cook again, the boiler on the lid is built, probably stew 15 minutes. The ovine Nan Bao with one appetizing boiler success.

       3, result: The key is skin wanting bake in a pan, leather bake in a pan brown. Common practice is to use water to boil scald, the water that crosses scald next drops relay water to boil. And first the square law of skin of bake in a pan can preserve Shang Zhiyuan taste, make fleshy flavour more grumous and not arrogate to oneself.

       4, data statistic:

    1. The difficulty that make: Complex.

    2. What need time: Two half hours.

    3. Taste: Xian Xiang.

    4. Main craft: Fry explode chaffy dish of Bao of sauce of stew bake in a pan.

    5. Price estimation: 90 yuan of less than.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    The ovine Nan with good stew can eat directly so, also can add someBai Luobo, boiler of strike a light of taro, green vegetables, have taste additionally one time.

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