Easy easy what does the food that causes miscarriage have


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  •    Easy easy the food that causes miscarriage one: Without the protein food that high temperature disinfects

    Include milk, cheese, like France cheese, sheep cheese, shellfish blocking the door does Bulibai cheese of milk of cheese, sheep, white cheese, bright cheese, refrigerant or fumigated flesh kind, sea product, for example 3 article fish, salmon, cod, tuna, mackerel (taste ” or often sticking the ”“ sootiness with fumigated ”“ of lox of ”“ of “ nova food to make is “ biltong the label such as ” . ) these food often contain harmful bacteria. Refrigerant or fumigated sea product is ripe after boiling, still safety can be fed, boil like bake, evaporate.

    Here should say to pregnant woman drinks bright milk or drink the issue with good yoghurt. Because its are fresh,delicacy is suckled, nutrient composition is destroyed very few, reason nutrition value is higher, so delicacy of first selection of a lot of mom is suckled, but its defect is easy the metamorphism that be mixed by pollution, large supermarket should go as far as possible when buying bright milk so, select the product of well-known company.

    But one part mom cannot drink bright milk. Because oneself lacks lacteal carbohydrase or on the low side of lacteal carbohydrase active, the lactose in the grandma cannot be decomposed in alvine path, and ferment the carbon dioxide with many generation, bring about abdominal distension, diarrhoea, this part allows mom to be able to choose to drink yoghurt. Lactic acid bacili is joined to ferment in bright milk and yoghurt is become, because its clot is small, be absorbed more easily among them mineral calcium, iron, zinc, can restrain the pathogenic bacteria in alvine path already at the same time, can stimulate alvine path peristalsis again, have effect to alvine function thereby. Do not be able to bear or endure to lactose so for the mom that get, yoghurt is a right choice.

    Easy easy what does the food that causes miscarriage have, what does the food of easy abortion have

      Easy easy the food that causes miscarriage 2: Convenient cover

    A lot of allow mom to say not to want to have a thing, there is flavour in the mouth, want to take convenient side, but actually, although the person of whack is unfavorable,eat to take convenient side more, because of convenient cover bases is carbohydrate, soup makings contains the dressing such as a few gourmet powder, salinity only, among them nutrient composition content is very little, and the protein of need of normal life activity that allows his * , adipose, carbohydrate, mineral, vitamin and water. Should lack only among them a kind of nutriment, time grew, with respect to meeting sicken. So accurate mother do not eat this kind of food as far as possible or prohibit eating. Although allow mom to eat convenient cover to do not have advantage, but some mom are unable to bear or endure really the temptation with convenient delicate cover, at this moment, accurate mom must notice the following when taking convenient side:

    1. One day eats at most, also cannot eat every day.

    2. When edible should take into consideration the circumstances raises a few non-staple food, with the inadequacy of compensatory nutrition.

    3. 3 it is to have stomach ailment and appetite not beautiful, absorb undesirable accurate mom, had better not take convenient side.

    Easy easy what does the food that causes miscarriage have, what does the food of easy abortion have

      Easy easy the food that causes miscarriage 3: Hawkthorn

    Hawkthorn acid is sweet goluptious, appetizing aid digestion, it is the snack that accepts favour of a lot of females fully all along, be pregnant especially inchoate, a lot of females prefer to be carried a few, because this is in,this one period can eat a large number of hawkthorn. Medical expert points out, although hawkthorn is good but unfavorable eat more, a few part that contain among them can stimulate uterine muscle to produce excitement, cause an uterus to contract thereby, cause miscarriage. Especially those once had produced natural abortion, habitual abortion and the bride that have threatened abortion sign, in this one period should eat hawkthorn less more, cause accident in case.

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