The 3 big notes of old people food


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  • The 3 big notes of old people food, old people food abstains from in

      One, eat bean curd to have profit but also want right amount

    Bean curd contains a lot ofvegetable protein, function of old people kidney drops, after entering the vegetable protein inside its body to pass metabolization, major conference becomes the waste material that contain nitrogen, by nephritic eduction body outside. If old person excessive absorbs bean curd, burden of can aggravating kidney, make its appear kidney function ebbs, affect its thereby healthy. Additional, overmuch protein photographs initiate to increase bile to secrete, if edible excessive contains a lot ofprotein bean curd,have the old person of cystic stone, can affect the refreshment of bravery path organization.

    Plant also is contained in bean curd acid and bilge gas factor, if edible passes to be met not only more,block up human body is opposite of iron absorb, cause protein indigestion easily still, olden person appears the unwell symptom such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea.

    Rich egg ammonia acid is contained in bean curd, after egg ammonia acid enters human body, fall in enzymatic action but translate into half Guang ammonia is acerbity, the artery that can injure a person runs endodermis cell of the wall, make cholesterol and triglyceride deposit go up at arterial wall, cause arteriosclerosis.

    More purine is contained in bean curd kind material, have gouty old person, edible became much can cause its gout to break out.

    The material of glucoside of a kind of horn making soap is contained in bean curd, can promote human body to be opposite excrete iodicly, the old person is long-term edible bean curd, can make the iodine inside body many prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, suffer from on iodic lack is ill.

    So, bean curd is delicious also do not eat more, control good amount won’t is opposite old people body produces negative effect.

    The 3 big notes of old people food, old people food abstains from in

      2, old people eats 1~2 everyday the egg is optimal

    The egg is abounded because of its nutrition and easy, make one of the commonnest cooked food on our table. To the person character, the protein character of the egg is optimal, be next to mother milk. In of all kinds food value of nutrition of protein of medium, vitelline is highest, it is the most admirable protein in natural food.

    Do not know from when to rise, “ old people is unfavorable eat egg ” , “ to eat an egg to be able to cause cholesterol to lift these ” understanding became the “ science with well-known people ” little common sense, actually this does not have scientific basis. The research with newest researcher of doctor cite England shows, did not discover people to lift to having egg and cholesterol level existence is contacted.

    In fact, in recent years scientists consider to return discovery, in the egg although contain more cholesterol, but also contain rich lecithin at the same time. After lecithin enters blood, can make cholesterol and adipose grain decrescent, the maintenance that makes suspension condition, prevent thereby cholesterol and adipose the deposit in hemal wall. In the meantime, the lecithin in gallinaceous yoke, triglyceride, cholesterol and yolk element, right neurological have very big effect with body development, after lecithin is digested by human body, can release a choline, choline is ameliorable the memory of each age group.

    Everything has degree, over- still criterion not as good as. 8 kinds of when human body place needs indispensible and amino acid, eat 1 ~ everyday 2 eggs, with respect to OK and contented need. The body does not need, won’t resorbent, with respect to meeting translate into inside adipose accumulation body, or should do quantity of heat to be wasted, adverse to liver and kidney.

    The 3 big notes of old people food, old people food abstains from in

      3, drink congee to also want those who notice total energy to absorb

    Congee grows because of its cooking time, water divides content heighten, amylaceous gelatinization is more sufficient, be absorbed more easily by small intestine, suit old person edible so. Nevertheless, simple congee is moved a little change state of mind, can make variety the congee of great, design and color that tastes delicious, nutrition is abounded.

    When be like the congee that boil, the chop such as usable thin pork, lean beef, chicken enters congee into ground meat, or put the congee of make it seafood such as flesh of cruelly oppress, shrimp. If senile friend is intentional the head is hemal the disease of the respect, can choose ” of “ plain boiled pork more, the shrimp that be like a fish kind with chicken, eat ” of some of “ red meat less, be like beef, hotpot and pork.

    A lot of old people have costive appearance, coarse food grain, food grains other than wheat and rice contains a lot ofprandial fiber, when boiling rice congee, might as well add some of thick food grains other than wheat and rice. For instance black rice, corn, millet, yam, they can prevent constipation already, also can reduce concentration of serous blood fat, have fight cancer, improve the function such as airframe immunity force.

    Be worth what carry is, to senile diabetic, below circumstance of total energy pilot, also do not want refus congee at a thousand li besides, should increase only contain prandial fibrous food to go.

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