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Shang Hao of the chicken broth that stew or meat are good

2017-05-05 10:11:55

Stew one boiler chicken broth, he loves to eat the meat, you love to drink boiling water, say respective nutrition having a way. In fact, this thing is returned so that depend.

More protein than Shang Zhong content gets content of the protein in the flesh high much; The solubility nutriment such as potassium is easy dissolve at water; Calcic, iron not dissolve sex class status dissolves harder Shang Zhong. Namely: The nurture in raw material pledges and did not dissolve entirely in Shang Li, partial water-solubility vitamin, mineral, adipose, protein is only deliquescent in Shang Li, other nutriment still stays in the flesh.

That is to say, the nutriment content outclass in the flesh soup, nutrition is not it is in soup. Accordingly, if want to get the nutriment such as protein, calcic, iron better, the proposal eats bit of meat more.

Of course, this does not do not have nutrition on behalf of soup. For example, in afore-mentioned chicken broth besides contain a large number of moisture content, outside suiting compensatory moisture, the nutriment such as vitamin of the amino acid that still contains a few dissociate, B a group of things with common features, calcic, Potassium, the person with the frail, dyspeptic body after suiting a few art particularly is drinkable.

Additional, drink Shang Ye to want special attention: Certain crowd, if make water is acerbity,on the high side or gouty patient want to drink thick broth to wait carefully; Shang Li puts salt less as far as possible; The hoosh with unfavorable classics much oilier tipple, the birds that can choose fish, lean lean, flay more kind, thin chop feed capable person; When Shang Tai is oily, the proposal is cast aside gently go the grease above.

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