Enhance immune power, you need the world of cate of _ of these 10 kinds of food


Enhance immune power, you need these 10 kinds of food

2018-06-07 09:46:31

“Immune force ” it is everybody familiar to the ear can the word of detailed, it is the defense mechanism of human body oneself, build for health case prevent counterfort. When power of human body immunity is low, the body gets more easily the descent of bacterial virus, bring about the harm of all sorts of diseases, it is very important to enhance immune power accordingly. Besides nurturance good work and rest is used to, often move besides, connecting surfeit to fill also is feasible method, what does so daily life eat to enhance resistance and immune power?

1, wax gourd

Wax gourd not only nutrition is rich, still very strong embellish lung promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid action, eat wax gourd to conduce to benefit water detumescence more, eliminate autumn dry, the crude fibre in wax gourd can stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach effectively, the rubbish in making accumulation in bowel is fast outside eduction body, and the autumn eats wax gourd to be able to prevent action to arriving since a lot of diseases more, increase immune force and strength effectively.

2, cauliflower

The vitamin is contained a lot ofin cauliflower D and fight oxidation material, have certain effect to preventing a cold, besides, the vegetable such as dish of spinach, bag also can prevent human body to be affected by the bacterium, rise to prevent ill effect then.

3, Xianggu mushroom

The nutrition of Xianggu mushroom is rich, having ” dawdle empress ” , ” the king of dried vegetable ” good name. Special name still is contained to be the material of Xianggu mushroom polysaccharide and dawdle ribonucleic acid in Xianggu mushroom, these two kinds of material can enhance immune power, be opposite especially the immune force of tumor, it is the strength that can increase the body, can disturb the protein synthesis of poison of in spite of illness.

Wax gourd snail piece gallinaceous bone soup

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