Two raise Yan Shang to eliminate the world of whelk _ cate


Two raise Yan Shang to eliminate whelk

2012-02-07 13:07:19

Drink soup to eliminate whelk hairdressing to be raised again colour

Gram Yi benevolence soup

Raw material: Yi benevolence gram each 80 grams, honey 10 grams.

The method that make: gram, Yi benevolence abluent, put bowl inside, add right amount water, stew to sodden, a bit stew a few minutes, when eating, transfer into honey is drinkable.

Effect: Clear heat stops thirsty, disappear soft skin is callous.

Kelp gram soup

Raw material: Kelp gram each 15 grams, sweet almond 9 grams, jiugui spends 9 grams, brown sugar is right amount.

The method that make: Had wrapped Jiu Guihua with gauze; Sweet almond uses flay of boil leach bubble. Kelp leaves with lukewarm bleb, cut silk. Add above raw material gram to be put into boiler, add clear water to boil to gram blossom soft sodden can.

Effect: Invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, eliminate acne.

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