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Can darling use bright grandma to replace milk powder more?

2016-02-18 17:46:11

Guide language: In recent years milk powder frequency gives an issue, a lot of parents lose confidence to milk powder. So, is the child after all is drinking milk still milk powder very good? Can cheeper drink bright milk greatly more?

Can be milk drunk after is darling how old?

“Milk powder frequency gives an issue, still change milk powder milk. ” the idea that this is a lot of parents. The expert says, the darling digestive ability a year old ago is weaker, cannot digest the casein in milk, and at this moment the nutrient demand of darling basically comes from at milk products, the nutriment in milk cannot be rivalled with mother milk, do not accord with darling to grow the demand of development, although when after a year old, also need to change gradually, during the reaction that watchs baby closely, whether to have the symptom such as dyspeptic, bellyacke, diarrhoea, allergy. In principle suggests to become darling is all complementary feed can add, have a meal when doing not have a problem, change again for milk, it is commonly after two years old.


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