Pregnant woman nutrition enrichs the blood cookbook: The world of cate of _ of pimiento beef silk


Pregnant woman nutrition enrichs the blood cookbook: Pimiento beef silk

2016-09-14 16:27:37

A lot of pregnant woman like to have some of hot thing very much during be pregnant, pimiento beef silk is a nutrient cookbook that suits pregnant woman to enrich the blood during be pregnant. Beef contains a lot ofiron to pledge, proper edible is short of iron sex anaemia to have better auxiliary therapy effect to pregnant woman. Will quickly start work.

Raw material:

Pimiento 200 grams, bovine tenderloin flesh 200 grams, garlic bolt paragraph 15 grams, tender ginger 25 grams.


Oily 50 grams, balm 10 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, amylaceous 20 grams, soy 15 grams, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour 5 grams, salt 4 grams, gallinaceous essence 2 grams, water or soup-stock are right amount.


1, beef goes muscle is abluent, cut 0.3 centimeters of thick silk, join salt, starch to mix divide evenly; Go to pimiento the base of a fruit goes seed is abluent, cut filament; Jiang Xi is clean, cut filament.

2, take a small bowl, put essence of balm, soy, chicken, starch, add right amount water or soup-stock attune to become Gorgon euryale juice.

3, vegetable oil is put inside boiler, burn to 6 when becoming heat, put pimiento silk to fry come to be born, fill dish inside.

4, abluent boiler, put vegetable oil, burn fry quickly to silk of beef of the 7 nowadays that become heat medicinal powder, put silk of a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, pimiento, Jiang Si to fry a fragrance, boil enters Gorgon euryale juice, add garlic bolt finally paragraph, break up fry become namely equably.

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