Aid an infant to raise a stomach the world of cate of _ of 3 clever ways


Aid an infant to raise a stomach 3 clever ways

2016-09-30 10:32:03

Autumn, difference in temperature of morning and evening is bigger, cold air begins to accelerate an activity, gastric bowel path is very sensitive to cold stimulation, especially the intestines and stomach with little flimsy baby, if pa Mom defends undeserved, can cause gastric bowel the path is unwell, appear turn over the disease symptom such as acerbity, belch, disgusting, vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhoea. 3 clever ways can help an infant recuperate intestines and stomach under.

Eat time ration

Parents if carelessly, cause child crop failure accidentally, full, with respect to the health that can erode baby tummy slowly. The stomach is abide by strictly ” schedule ” organ, the exudation of gastric juice exists in a day the height of physiology sex and trough, digest food in time in order to facilitate. If hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and pepsin are counteracted without food, can digest itself of gastric mucous membrane, cause to gastric mucous membrane damage. The parent should notice, make darling little eat much food, avoid eats and drink too much.

Notice dietetic hygiene

Had placed long food grow in quantity of harmful material, degenerative even, the harm is great. Want to notice when shop so, do not buy too much. If darling ate not clean or Biedermeier food, cause acute gastroenteritis very easily, occurrence gastralgia, stomach bilges, the symptom such as vomiting and diarrhoea.

Prevent a stomach with medicine

A lot of medicaments can injure the gastric mucous membrane of darling, for example the body is not steriod such as Buluofen, aspirin fights phlogistic medicaments, the synthesis that can have the prostate element that protects action through restraining pair of stomach mucous membrane has acetanilide effect. Still have the hormone such as coriaceous steroid kind medicaments, also the happening that regular meeting brings about darling gastritis, ulcer or gastric perforation. Accordingly, the parent takes these medicaments to ought to follow doctor’s advice to darling, had better take after its eat a meal, perhaps take the protective stomach mucous membrane such as sulfur candy aluminium at the same time.

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