Postpartum woman recuperates the world of cate of good _ of effect of white sugar of tie-in brown sugar


It is good that postpartum woman recuperates effect of white sugar of tie-in brown sugar

2016-11-07 15:00:59

The puerpera is postpartum and drinkable brown sugar is considered as of course by people all the time, delay in folk with, why cannot eat white sugar so? Actually, brown sugar, white sugar has its different characteristic each, it is not OK that white sugar is not edible.

Say from origin, red white sugar is extracted from inside beet and sugar cane. Brown sugar contains more dextrose and cellulose, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to have invigorate the circulation of blood to change the intention of silt, what can promote postpartum uterus is contractive, the eduction of lochia and galactic exudation, still have diuretic function, conduce to maintain micturition unobstructed, prevent uric road infection. So, in postpartum drink brown sugar water or brown sugar is added in food, be beneficial to health. But brown sugar sex is lukewarm, have effect of invigorate the circulation of blood, in burning hot summer, if abundantly drinks red syrup, can make sweat fluid grow in quantity, thirsty pharynx works, the vagina bleeds grow in quantity, if companion has disease of postpartum infection sex, can appear the disease such as calorific, dizziness. Accordingly, drink the time of brown sugar water, with postpartum it is advisable that 10 days are controlled.

White sugar place contains impurity little, purity is tall, the gender is smooth, have the effect that embellish lung promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid. So, in the puerpera that the summer labors, or of childbed in terminal, edible white sugar also suits very much, apply to a few companion to have calorific, sweat especially surging thoughts or emotions of much, brothers is hot, the vagina bleeds dripping wet is ceaseless, thirsty pharynx offends the lying-in woman that waits for disease. Visible, postpartum can match reasonably the edible of red white sugar, more advantageous to extensive resume a session of the puerpera.

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