Raise a darling the world of cate of nutrient congee _ of ruddy complexion


Raise a darling the nutrient congee of ruddy complexion

2016-11-08 14:32:55

Your darling is sallow and emaciated, is there burnish? Beautiful Mom can want to take step rapidly, small make up recommend congee of 5 mom love for you, warm warm congee, thick love, the small cheek that can help darling restores ruddy colour and lustre!

The reason of darling sallow and emaciated

1, food not section: The taste function of children have not perfect, if food does not try abstemious, do not have a meal on time, when when be hungry full, often have cold drink, can cause indigestion, make alimentation appears obstacle, chase gradual change to get sallow and emaciated.

2, food adds unreasonable: When some parents are buying consolidate body food to darling, did not notice the infant is in the development characteristic of different age level, also can cause hidebound. Be in for instance baby before 4 months, salivary gland have not development, amylase is not contained in saliva, give starch right now kind food, can cause darling indigestion. Feed bean products to the darling before 7 months, can affect the absorption of soja albumen. Arrived 7 months add 6 ~ not in time solid food, still pure have milk products raise, can cause darling hidebound.

3, with medicine undeserved: When darling falls ill, if unreasonable with medicine, take solution to heat up demulcent medicine to darling at will especially, or take antibiotic more for long to wait, can cause vomiting, disgusting, inappetence. Some wide chart antibiotic still can cause alvine path to absorb undesirable, make normal bowel bacterium group be restrained, also can cause hidebound, make darling sallow and emaciated.

4, weak and sick: Because a priori or acquired element cause immune strength the low, baby that often has respiratory tract and enteron disease, digest absorb a function to also compare difference, can send hidebound, expression is sallow and emaciated.

Darling is hidebound: Recuperation is crucial

1, living environment wants advertent. In living environment respect, should notice to make indoor sunny, air is fresh.

2, heat preservation is very important. The little patient is hypodermic and adipose little, in winter temperature on the low side, often appear brothers is algid, need to use hot-water bottle heat preservation.

3, do sanitation of cleanness of good oral cavity. During be nursed twice, give a few boiled water or dip in with cotton autograph cold boiled water swabs oral cavity. If discover aphtha, applied stannum kind come loose or put boron on the ice to come loose besmear oral cavity.

4, increase outdoors activity appropriately. Bask more, in order to enhance disease-resistant ability.

5, correct habit of partiality for a particular kind of food. Should offer nutrition food of rich, low broken bits, little oil, digestible to darling. Offset spends the baby with poor function, answer to give rice water, a baby food made of rice-flour or congee first, add gradually later wait with boiling water of mud of grandma of low fat milk, recipe, fish, soya-bean milk, carrot, food, wait for digestive function to return to normal, adjust the prandial structure that is healthy children gradually. Adjust in food in, need to measure weight every week, adjust dietary result in order to evaluate.

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