The food of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of different pregnancy recuperates the world of methodological _ cate


The food of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of different pregnancy recuperates a method

2016-11-14 10:58:41

Accurate mom differs in bosom pregnancy the health that the food of level matters to baby development and oneself, so, during be pregnant, mom’s take good care of sb is crucial. Pass food and collocation of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, feed fill do not forget medicine to fill, such less than are raised outside, conduce to the perfect development of darling!

Inchoate: Raise nausea to occupy Sun Saimiao of archaic cure home ” a thousand pieces of gold wants square ” ” month by month raises fetal standard ” view, in this period, the embryo has no boarding, unfavorable take feed medicaments, if move a heart,weigh. Pregnant woman wants to accomplish: Eye does not look evil look, ear does not listen excessive sound, the mouth is not spat be proud character, the heart does not have evil thought, the heart does not have the take good care of sb that fears the body and mind such as cowardly.

Dietary respect should notice be hungry full moderate, food wants delicate, food wants essence of life ripe, appropriate Qing Dynasty is hot, nourishing and should not be lukewarm fill, bring about fetal heat, quickening otherwise, abort easily.

If have gravid reaction, have vomiting, queasy, disgusting wait for a symptom, usable stop the dietotherapy of vomit and stomach square: 120 milliliter add sugar cane juice cider of; of juice of 10 milliliter ginger 1 teaspoon of 10 milliliter of lemon juice of 60 milliliter; , honey, add water 100 milliliter. Or eat grapefruit raw 100 grams. Wen Jingan embryo can fry an egg with fresh Ai Xie.

Metaphase: Aid nausea conception metaphase, fetal grow rapid, want body and mind of take good care of sb in order to aid nausea, pregnant woman wants behavioral gentleness, calm, too fatigue will be angry decline, too ease is met stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, bask more little catch a cold catch a cold, wear outfit of buttock of the dew that show hilum less.

Dietary respect should notice delicate reach diversification, nutrition is rich, but cannot too full, should take advantage of vegetables and fruits more aperient.

This period shade blood often is not worth, the heat inside Yi Sheng, appropriate raises shade to enrich the blood. Dietotherapy respect: Usable black soya bean 100 grams and red jujube 10, shang Yi of the chop that boil raises blood. Dangshen flesh of 30 grams, longan 10 grams and red jujube 10, the water that boil is become tea drink, with alimentary gas blood. Or 3 grams stew American ginseng lean lean 100 grams, anaemic person the beef that stew. Other can eat water of cabbage mustard, spinach, sesame seed, tremella, tender coco and coconut meat more, and legume food.

Later period: Benefit production is pregnant later period, most pregnant woman will be lienal deficiency of vital energy, cannot make water occurrence oedema, reach heat of blood of deficiency of yin with irritability, the embryo heats up uneasiness, occurrence premature delivery. This period pregnant woman dress wants comfortable, cannot hip bath, should walk shake personally, calm cannot bate.

Food wants hot drink, do not feed taste hot and drily. Want filling energy of life be good at lienal, nourishing liver kidney is produced with benefit.

Dietotherapy can be used fill and not the ginseng of dry is Qi of dangshen of; of lean lean of Xianggu mushroom of holothurian braise of the yam of tremella of; of the 3 grams bird’s nest that stew that stew and longan flesh; , north, red jujube tea.

When be pregnant balsam pear cannot eat more, because contain quinine, can cause uterine systole. When about to give birth, cannot take in great quantities feed filling gas medicine to wait for filling gas medicine like ginseng of wild hill bubble, American ginseng, ginseng, can cause travel of air travel blood otherwise, the haemorrhage when production is overmuch. Other should careful fall with have diarrhoea, medicine of invigorate the circulation of blood, lousy morale.

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