Mom of pregnancy of skill of 3 preserve one’s health wants the world of cate of filling body _


Mom of pregnancy of skill of 3 preserve one’s health wants filling body

2017-03-27 09:09:56

In autumn, learn the little skill of preserve one’s health, mix to pregnant Mom fetal have profit. Pregnant Mom are shared below, might as well look, the place wants since Mark:

1, after be pregnant oneself, before photograph comparing was not pregnant, the immune force of pregnant Mom can drop, so, affect virus sicken more easily. But some virus can cause fetal deformation, virus of if nettle rash is ill poison, gigantic cell, pregnant Mom had better notice more, strengthen heat preservation, prevent catch cold catch cold, notice the individual is wholesome, reach the place with dense throng less, avoid to increase the odds that contracts virus.

2, autumn suits filling body, pregnant Mom can eat the gentle food that contains a lot ofnutrition more, wait like bird’s nest, dangshen, but should eat less acrimony excitant strong food, also do not eat the food of frying oil be bored with as far as possible, be like chips, scamper biscuit.

3, in gestation, the hormone inside pregnant Mom body produces change, if in climate dry autumn often has rage, irritating case, want to be adjusted appropriately, rest more, read the book of cheerful body and mind more, avoid to contact reflection even at the same time line, take impertinent medicaments to wait.

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