Eat purslane to be able to prevent the world of cate of heart disease _


Eat purslane to be able to prevent heart disease

2012-02-07 13:52:53

Before purslane is in nature, be in condition of emerge of itself and perish of itself, be regarded as however now beautiful is tasted, placed table.

Recently, a person that calls small Norman Sailemu discovers, the person with coastal mediterranean because often edible purslane, the incidence of a disease of heart disease and cancer all the incidence of a disease under other area person. He returns discovery, the French with heart disease inferior incidence of a disease, like a feral purslane concoctive in the edible in salad. According to the analysis, purslane contains very rich not saturated fatty acid, can restrain cholesterol of the serum inside human body and 3 acyl glycerine generate, it is protective cardiac good material.

Purslane still contains more potassium element, have a variety of sylvite such as Potassium of hydrogen of potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, oxalic acid among them. Modern medicine considers to make clear, drink tableware has tall Potassium to fall certainly blood pressure effect. Potassium is right of cardiac muscle stimulant have main physiology effect, can control the contractive power of cardiac muscle directly, reduce systaltic number. The physiology function with the mainest inside airframe Potassium is mutual and as harmonious as sodium, adjust balance of the water inside body, electrolyte, below azotic assimilation, potassium uses the organization that protein rehabilitate is destroyed effectively, restrict impulse of nerve sarcous excitement directly, what promote and keep humoral is proper and alkalescent, make the soda acid inside airframe poises. Medical home thinks, absorb volume from inside purslane after a variety of sylvite, through airframe biochemistry reaction, the Potassium that enters blood is ionic, can support action continuously at hemal wall, effectively protective blood-vessel spares enroach on, can lower hypertensive patient’s apoplectic occurence rate.

Show ascendant trend in cardiovascular disease today, often eat some of purslane, can abound daily vegetables already, be beneficial to heart disease of prevention and cure again.

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