Often eat the trash inside put oneself in another’s position of 6 kinds of big food to sweep the world of smooth _ cate completely


Often eat the trash inside put oneself in another’s position of 6 kinds of big food to sweep light completely

2016-09-29 11:36:00

Human body can arise in metabolic process many ” trash ” , and also meet from inside feculent air inspiratory and many poisonous and harmful gas and particle. Although human body has the capacity of toxin of certain and cleared oneself, but accumulate when the trash inside body when overmuch or function of airframe detoxify blowdown is abate, trash cannot when seasonable eduction, can affect health. The following of human body of eduction of conduce of 6 kinds of food a variety of ” toxin ” .

1. greenery is vegetable

It is more in greenery dish alkalescent, the overmuch acidity material that can counteract the generation in the candy in food, flesh, egg and metabolization, make humoral keep alkalescent, keep clear of thereby the toxicant in blood. Often feed leaf of leaf of vegetable and optional turnip, green vegetables, cole, spinach, cabbage mustard, Chinese cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, wild cabbage to wait.

2. coarse food grain

Often eat the coarse food grain such as yam, potato, corn, buckwheat to conduce to the unobstructed that carries have a bowel movement, make the poison inside body won’t long sluggish bowel path. A lot of flour and rice are contained in coarse food grain (or finish machining food) is deficient in special vitamin and mineral. These nutriment conduce to adjust condition of core of intestines and stomach, easy humanness body is absorbed and improve function of disease-resistant force immunity.

3. bishop

Drink wine is good the heart is healthy. It contains rich citric acid, also belong to alkalescent beverage, numerous alcoholic beverage does not have this. Have a story, drink bishop can prevent and correct acid toxic, advantageous still make water discharges poisonous action. Use at treating gout to also see effect in recent years.

4. beans Chi

Consider to discover, chi eating a beans conduces to digest, increase mental, raise fruit of equivalent of hepatic and alexipharmic ability. Still can promote the metabolism inside body, the toxin in cleared blood, haemal action is purified since. In addition, fabaceous Chi still contains the uric kinase of a large number of can deliquescent thrombus, contain a large number of B a group of things with common features vitamin and bacteriophage, can prevent senile and gawkish disease.

5. fruit or fruit juice

Optional feed juice of citric, orange, shaddock, grape, sugar cane, green plum, apple, tomato to wait. Although fruit flavour shows acidity more, but can become in process of the metabolization inside body alkalescent, can make blood keeps alkalescent. Especially they can will accumulate the toxin in the cell ” deliquescent ” , final classics evacuates systematic eduction put oneself in another’s position outside.

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