It is good that spring raises liver feed material to destroy irascibility takes the world of its _ cate


It is good that spring raises liver feed material to destroy irascibility eats it

2017-02-27 11:35:02

Probably some of friend does not know ” celery is to destroy irascibility ace ” , one often ” burst into fury ” person, can try to eat celery more, destroy with celery destroy irascibility.

Celery belongs to plant of umbrella form division, basically serve as vegetable edible with Xie Bing. Celery originates in mediterranean and middle east area formerly. Celery contains a lot ofvitamin of protein, carbohydrate, carotene, B a group of things with common features, calcic, phosphor, iron to wait, have very strong officinal value. Often eat some of celery to conduce to disease of clear hot detoxify, dispel powerful body, eliminate irascibility. It is spring those who raise liver is good feed capable person.

Cashew lily fries celery

Celery can raise liver, from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for: Because it has,be raise blood the effect that moisten the respiratory tract of shade of hemostatic, collect, clear fire removes detumescence of water of irritated, benefit, can raise liver to protect the liver, effect that has auxiliary treatment to the disease such as hypertensive, neurasthenic, oedema. Celery can be fried, can mix, if celery fries celery of celery of Xianggu mushroom, dried shrimps, smoked bean curd,etc is very good edible method.

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