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The summer most the food that raises a stomach, a few kinds did you eat?

2017-05-31 13:35:07

As life footstep accelerate, a lot of people appeared stomach trouble, especially appetite of summertime to be warm is bad, appear more easily, so what does the summer eat most raise a stomach? Want to raise a stomach to protect a stomach, have to live daily from us food is made, but what thing have can but what thing have,you raise a stomach? This problem a lot of friends. Usually, everybody thinks the stomach is bad, it is OK to do not eat hot food, not be completely actually such oh, the food with the cool human nature with bad stomach also should eat less, still unfavorable digestive food also should eat less, had better be not to eat. Gastric stand or fall, those who matter to us is healthy, so what thing to eat to you can raise a stomach? Follow below small make up will understand in detail fall.

Silver carp: Solve gastralgia with Yu Huan, commonly used at the cure with frail taste. Apply to gastric cold ache or the chronic gastritis that cause by indigestion especially.

Hairtail: Filling the five internal organs, dispel the wind, kill insect, frail to taste, dyspeptic particularly appropriate.

Bighead: Have the effect that raises stomach, filling empty, expectorant, smooth asthma. The had better have bighead more fish head with frail constitution, warm stomach while the effect that still can have remedial tinnitus, giddy dazzled.

Hotpot: Sexual flavour pleasant is lukewarm, contain rich adipose, protein, carbohydrate, inorganic salt and the human body such as calcic, phosphor, iron needs nutrient composition, often be used as winter drive by people cold taste with the fine that receives Bu Zhuangyang, have kidney fills in warming empty, appetizing be good at lienal, keep out is cold go wet effect.

Dried: Suit the person edible with the cold Wei of be caused by of winter kidney empty very much. What food does the summer eat most raise a stomach? Because it is contained a lot ofprotein, carbohydrate, adipose reach the part such as calcic, phosphor, iron, have filling kidney Zhuang Yang, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood the effect of arteries and veins of blood of be good at stomach, unobstructed.

Walnut: What it contains 40-50% is adipose, among them majority is not saturated fatty acid, have reduce cholesterol, avoid arteriosclerosis and hypertensive effect. Phosphatide and vitamin E still are contained a lot ofin walnutmeat, have enhance cellular active, stimulative hematopoiesis function, stomachic effect. These are healthy to rising, resist chill has profit greatly.

Chinese chestnut: Pleasant of chestnut sex flavour is lukewarm, enter lienal, stomach, kidney 3 classics, have raise a stomach be good at the effect such as invigorate the circulation of blood of lienal, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein.

Earthnut, eat raw best, anteprandial eat 4 go to 6, can have the effect that raises a stomach, eat too much hurt a stomach instead.

Big jujube, bean curd, Chinese cabbage, milk, carrot, be good at lienal with the stomach. Apple, grapefruit, grape, orange, pineapple, prevent adipose accumulation, gas of filling heart beneficial promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop ferry

The nut food such as walnut, filbert, pine nut, longan, earthnut but bone of beneficial of seasonable supply microelement is healthy. Earthnut, honey raises a stomach. Black tea + honey very raise a stomach!

The stomach is bad note

1, from daily life make above work and rest, most a day of at least 3 staple food want time ration, had better be to give him set a schedule, abide by strictly next. Can produce an effect to Morpheus time at the same time, because, a few people like keep late hours, then will early Chinese meal eats together, this kind of habits and customs must want to change, not be to say those who come over to eat food taken late at night to be able to be made up for in the evening. Although the person’s biological clock can move after before, but inside certain limits, produce too big difference impossibly.

2, general, the stomach digests the person with bad function, the most apparent symptom eats little to be met namely full, eat to bilged with respect to meeting stomach more a little, special if eating more in the late evening, still can bilge because of gastric ministry sluggish and the influence falls asleep. Hard, fiber kind the thing is bad to digest.

Accordingly, the proposal eats much food less, if still do not have prandial time, can complement a few food, but unfavorable and overmuch, anteprandial drink a bit boiling water, conduce to intestines and stomach digesting so. Meal hind drinks Shang Huizeng to increase gastric digestive pressure. 3 before falling asleep two hours had better not have a thing, affect very easily otherwise fall asleep, if feel abdomen became hungry,can drink a few water appropriately.

3, the person that has stomach trouble is drink of sex of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, wine, should strong tea, coffee, carbonic acid, acerbity hot wait for excitant food, these food are most hurt a stomach. Gastric complexion is fond of dry aversion to cold, consequently cold drink and ice cream also must want ring, food with tepid had better, I know, this to anybody it is test of a huge, be in especially season of intense heat of summer.

But in burning hot summer, two kinds of beverage should be drunk more, it is milk, 2 it is warm boiled water. Milk can form the diaphragm of a stomach, a cup of milk is drunk first after getting up every morning, have a thing again, it is again good do not pass. Drink water more, drink tepid water especially, because the person is below major case,meet be the mistake that lack water is hungry.

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