Does insomnia sleep to be not worn? 10 kinds of food raise the world of cate of Morpheus quality _


Does insomnia sleep to be not worn? 10 kinds of food improve Morpheus quality

2016-11-23 16:50:08

The thing has before a lot of people think to sleep adverse to the body, notice the female of the figure especially, more the thing eats to be digested not easily before feeling to sleep, can affect a figure, actually, some food eat to conduce to however before sleep before sleeping, loosen, improve Morpheus quality.

1, banana

Banana is wrapping peel namely actually ” sleeping pill ” , it besides contain rich compound amine and N- acetyl – 5- armour oxygen base besides lubricious amine, still be full of the magnesium that can make muscle is loosened.

2, chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea makes the first selection that tea drink makes up before sleeping, basically be because of its downy easy Mian action, it is the optimal and natural prescription of quiet energy of life of wirh fixed attention.


Caramel bright Mu banana

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