Protection is hepatic, these 10 kinds of food most the world of cate of _ giving power


Protection is hepatic, these 10 kinds of food most give power

2018-06-06 16:13:37

Each organs of the body can move as the growth of the age slow, young when if maintain carelessly, the organ can shift to an earlier date anile. Liver is the important and alexipharmic organ of our body, habit and choice meet unreasonable food to be caused to liver or light or heavy loss, so how to protect liver in diet?

1, pig blood

Many people still like pig blood relatively, there also is account in ancient books, blood taking a pig is good to the body, very effective to detoxify, especially hepatic. Pile up through eating pig blood to be able to prevent hepatic toxin, ceaseless cleared and hepatic toxin.

2, carrot

Edible carrot is good to the body, in carrot pectic can absorb heavy metal, reduce heavy metal concentration, stimulative toxin eduction. Among them vitamin C rises fight oxidation ability, reduced liver to get the harm of toxin. Had better be to extract juice edible, can absorb nutrition adequately.

3, a variety of Chinese cabbage

A variety of Chinese cabbage can rise to raise liver to discharge poisonous action, the vitamin in a variety of Chinese cabbage, mineral, prandial fiber is more, form to avoiding cholesterol, make metabolization content eduction very effective, avoid toxin to pile up too much.

Pig red soup

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