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The nutrient value of soya bean and practice

2012-02-07 14:39:09

The nutrient value of soya bean and practice

Beans of renown soja, Huang Dadou, branch, dish uses soya bean.

Soja, belong to annual herb for leguminous soja, produce our country formerly. It is 5 kinds according to the seed coat color of soja and bead form cent: Yellow soja, green soybean, black soybean, other soja (the soja that seed coat is the onefold color such as color of Brown, brown, bare) , feed beans (general seed bead is lesser, show flat long elliptic, have on two films leaf cave dot, seed coat somewhat burnish or lacklustre) . Our country helps advance somebody’s career since ancient times, already had up to now 5000 cultivate history. The whole nation is cultivated generally now, northeastern, China north, short for Shaanxi Province, plain reach the Yangtse River downstream area all has produce, help advance somebody’s career with catchment of the Yangtse River and southwest more, with northeast soja quality best. The soja that world each country helps advance somebody’s career is direct or go out by our country transmission secondhand. Because its nutrient value is very high, be called ” the king in the beans ” , ” the flesh of tanaka ” , ” bovine breast of green ” etc, it is hundreds kinds of natural food in most the edible that suffers dietetics home praise highly.

Nutrient value

Soya bean has ” the king in the beans ” say, be called by people ” plant flesh ” , ” green milker ” , nutrient value is the richest. High quality protein is contained in dry soya bean about 40% , it is the coronal of other commissariat. Contemporary dietetics considers to make clear, a jin of soya bean is equivalent to 2 jins of many thin pork, or 3 jins of eggs, or the protein content of 12 jins of milk. Adipose content also takes the first place in legume, oil yield amounts to 20 % ; In addition, still contain vitamin A, B, D, E and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait mineral. Iron is contained to pledge in a jin of soya bean 55 milligram, and easy be absorbed to use by human body, very advantageous to be short of iron sex anaemia; Phosphor is contained in a jin of soya bean 2855 milligram, very advantageous to cerebrum nerve. All sorts of bean products after soya bean is machined, not only protein content is high, contain a variety of human body to cannot be synthesized and indispensible amino acid, the protein digestive rate of the bean curd in cholesterol content is as high as 95 % , be ideal benefiting dietotherapy article. The bean products such as soya bean and bean curd, soya-bean milk already made the healthy provision of fashionable world.

Protein is human body ” housing materials ” , the season ammonium ramification of the amino acid after protein and its hydrolyze and amino acid, the important nurture that is human body is qualitative, it is one of indispensable 3 gist element inside body. Contemporary dietetics is affirmative already all enzymatic — the activator in life substance and ” engine ” , it is protein; In the meantime, the microelement of normal physiology function also belongs to influence human body protein category. So, protein is the foundation of life. Main raw material of the cell is protein, the skin of human body, muscle, hair, fingernail little not protein. Human body lacks protein, with respect to a variety of illnesses that meeting generation includes dermatosis inside, grow with respect to meeting influence development, cloggy body is strong and handsome; Produce countenance of hidebound sex oedema, be a hindrance to possibly also; Still can make the skin coarse, without flexibility, furrow grow in quantity, the hair falls off, white hair grow in quantity makes countenance appears anile. Often the high protein food of edible soya bean and bean products and so on, can nutrient skin, muscle and hair, make skin moist delicate, be full of flexibility, make muscle plump and bear fruit, make hair pitch-black and bright, make the person lengthens youth.

1, enhance airframe immunity function: Soja contains rich protein, contain the amino acid with a variety of indispensible human body, can enhance power of human body immunity;

2, prevent hemal sclerosis: The lecithin in soya bean can get rid of the cholesterol that is added on hematic tube wall, prevent hemal sclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease, protect a heart. The lecithin in soja still has the effect that avoids the stockpile inside liver to cross greasily fat, because of,prevent and cure effectively thereby fat and the fatty liver that cause;

3, guide defecate: Some solubility fiber are contained in soja, already but aperient, can reduce cholesterol content again;

4, fall candy, fall fat: A kind of material that restrains pancreatin is contained in soja, right diabetic have remedial effect. Glucoside has the black that soja place contains to fall apparently hematic fat action, in the meantime, can restrain gain weight;

5, soja different yellow ketone is a kind of structure and estrogen likeness, have the plant sex estrogen of estrogen active, can reduce woman the turn of life to ask for consenescence of cell of female of symptom, defer integratedly, make the skin keeps stretch, raise colour, reduce bone missing, stimulative bone is generated, fall hematic fat.

Applicable crowd

1, soja is woman of the turn of life, diabetic the good food with cardiovascular ill patient; Mental worker and the friend that reduce weight also suit very much;

2, soja is in digest the meeting in recruiting a process to produce overmuch gas to cause bilge abdomen, the undesirable, person that has chronic enteron disease should feed reason digestive function less as far as possible;

3, the person that suffer from ulcer of serious liver disease, nephrosis, gouty, digestibility, low iodine should abstinence; Should not be during blain having wound take soya bean and its product.

Usage dosage

1, the food sort that makes with soja is various, can use the staple food that make, cake, fastfood etc. soja pulverize, doughboy and confectionery can be made wait after be being mingled with ground rice, also can regard treatment as the raw material of all sorts of bean products, wait like soya-bean milk, skin of soya-bean milk, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, bean curd, beans doing, 100 leaves, bean sprouts, can offer edible already, can scamper is oily;

2, give birth to what soja contains adverse health to fight trypsin and thrombin, so soja shoulds not be unripe feed, rawish soya bean is unfavorable also eat, should not be dry fry edible;

3, soya bean has fishy smell of a kind of beans normally, a lot of people do not like. When if be in,frying soya bean, drop a few yellow rice or millet wine, put a few salt again, such fabaceous fishy smell can be gotten less much, or, wash with cool brine before frying soya bean, also can achieve similar result;

4, high temperature of edible what is appropriate to the occasion is boiled sodden, unfavorable edible is overmuch, be digested in order to hinder and send abdominal distension.

Feed diligent effect

Soja flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, enter lienal, large intestine classics; Have be good at lienal wide in, the effect that water of disappear of moisten the respiratory tract, clear hot detoxify, beneficial enrages; Advocate treat infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites to accumulate have diarrhoea dysentery, abdominal distension thin swollen poison of carbuncle of gravid and thin, toxic, sore, traumatic haemorrhage. Soya bean still can fight bacterium diminish inflammation,

Stick person

1, application aches at brothers cramp: Soya bean 100 grams, fine rice bran 60 grams, the decoct that add water comes soya bean is ripe sodden, one endowment eats 2 times;

2, apply at burning scald: Soya bean is used everyday during cure right amount liquor is taken, can accelerate cure, scar is not had after healing.

3, the United States is engaged in turning gene produce and the personage discovery that human body health studies, eat a beans to suckle grown child, the risk coefficient that thyroid gland and reproductive system disease cause after manhood increases. According to the United States special orgnaization studies, the reaction of this and baby to the plant estrogen in soja and adult differ completely about, do not make a baby much drink a beans to suckle so.

The practice of soya bean is recommended

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