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Value of black tea nutrition is analysed

2012-02-07 14:42:18

Value of black tea nutrition is analysed

Raw material introduction

Black tea is complete barmy tea, in barmy process, the tea tan of tea generates tan via oxidation to pledge character red, make tea colour and lustre pitch-black not only, the Gong Liang end water lubricious leaf, and make the aroma of tea and flavor also produced change, have fruit aroma and full-bodied taste, as disparate as green tea.

Nutrition is analysed

Tea is the drink that contains a lot ofvitamin K, and still contain the part such as vitamin C, have fight plaque agglutinate, promote prandial fiber deliquescent, fall blood pressure, fall the action of hematic fat, very advantageous to disease of heart and vessels of prevention and cure.

The part such as much phenol of fluorine, tea is contained in tea, drink tea can prevent caries solid tine.

Content of E of A of the vitamin in tea, vitamin is rich, contain a variety of fighting cancer prevents declining microelement. It is natural strong and handsome beverage, conduce to maintain skin light whiteness is tender, reduce wrinkle, still can fight oxidation, radiation-proof, raise tumour of immune force, precaution.

Tea still is had life-giving wake spirit of head, hearten, enhance immunity, remove the effect such as exhaustion.

Black tea has the effect with warm stomach cold dispel.

Relevant crowd

General average per capita but drinkable

1.Edible of fat of appropriate hypertension, tall blood, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetic, fat food is overmuch, drunk wine person.

2.Unsuited function of calorific, kidney is disease of undesirable, heart and vessels, chronic woman of ulcer of constipation, enteron, neurasthenic, insomnia, pregnant woman, lactation, children.

Food photograph is overcome

Do not send with boiled water take medicaments; The around that take drug does not drink tea inside 1 hour. Ginseng, American ginseng shoulds not be and tea an edible. Avoid drink strong tea sees alcoholic drink; Anteprandial and unfavorable drink tea; The avoid after the meal drinks tea instantly; Girl avoid drinks strong tea.

Make coach

Strong bubble time shoulds not be too long, unfavorable with vacuum cup make tea.

Drink tea should not be too thick, tea of of the previous night not drink.

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