The world of cate of nutrient value _ of bovine oil fruit


The nutrient value of bovine oil fruit

2012-02-07 14:45:18

The nutrient value of bovine oil fruit

Bovine oil fruit (Avocado)

Main source: Color of the United States, Chile, New Zealand: Green;

Pulp: Reseda, flesh is qualitative soft slip;

Appearance: Pear of goose egg form, Pi;

Feel: Cortical and tough reach coarse.

Deposit a condition: Normal temperature finishs 2-3 day, have from ripe action.

Display a requirement: Pan exposes 1-2 layer.

Bad tastes configuration: Mechanical injury, exceeding softness (overheat)

Bovine oil is called again in Taiwan if really ” cheese pear ” , originate in Mexico and central america formerly, be cultivated generally in California later, california becomes the oldest ox oil on the world to produce the ground if really accordingly.

Oil basically divides the ox to be mixed for Mexico, Guatemala if really on the west India 3 old systems, help advance somebody’s career the history is not worth 100

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