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About 4 secrets of the apple

2017-01-03 17:46:32

The apple is the fruit that eats at most daily, the price is not expensive also, taste is sweet also. But, to the apple that we eat every day, do you understand quite really? The apple has 4 Jing extremely big secret among them, or else knows with respect to Out!

4 secrets of the apple

1.The apple eats a law to have exquisite

A lot of people love a hand to catch malic fluctuation both ends, from which show cricoid readily the mouth is being gnawed eat. Scientist statistic discovers, this kind of meeting having a way wastes the pulp of 30% . When suggesting everybody is gnawing an apple, the attention gnaws the pulp of two end.

2.The apple also is met allergic

Earthnut, nut, shellfish and egg are common and allergic food, however, some people also can are opposite the apple is allergic. The expert thinks, its culprit is the birchen pollen of surface of fruit of adherent Yu Ping, and have nothing to do with malic itself.

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