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Honey is gold cordial 4 kinds of people must not drink honey

2017-04-06 11:45:50

1, liver cirrhosis patient cannot drink honey

Generally speaking second liver patient is very appropriate drink honey, the monose that offers because of honey does not need liver to decompose synthesis, can reduce hepatic burden, but liver cirrhosis patient cannot drink honey however, because meet,the fiber of aggravating liver is changed.

2, diabetic person cannot take honey

The dextrose in carbohydrate of honey of every 100 grams is 35 grams about, 40 grams control fructose, sucrose makes an appointment with 2 grams, dextrin makes an appointment with 1 gram. Dextrose and fructose all are monose, after entering bowel to, need not digest can be absorbed directly blood, make blood sugar elevatory, sucrose and dextrin can be absorbed after classics hydrolyze slightly, accordingly, litre of blood sugar effect of honey is particularly apparent. From the point of this, diabetic person cannot take honey.

3, the cold takes medicine cannot take together with honey

Caught a cold to be able to cough likely, and honey has the effect that relieve a cough, the meeting when then a lot of people catch a cold drinks honey to alleviate cough symptom. The expert reminds everybody, patulin had better not be drunk together with honey. Honey has the effect that embellish lung relieves a cough, apply to lobar dry cough. If cough is little phlegmy, or phlegmy little and sticky, or dry cough is not had phlegmy, can drink to honey. But if taking antipyretic or the patulin that contain part of allay a fever, unfavorable take honey at the same time. A lot of patulin, if peaceful Nuo, fast gram, feeling establishs Qing Dynasty of gram, cold,wait to contain solution to heat up demulcent medicine amino to acetyl phenol, it encounters honey to be able to form a kind of complex matter, influence airframe draws rate to his, thereby action of abate allay a fever.

4, not full baby of a year old is unfavorable eat honey

Honey nutrition is rich, it is masses food beautiful is tasted. A lot of new mother also can be in of the infant complementary some of honey is added to adjust in feeding taste, increase nutrient value. Nevertheless the expert points out, infant of 1 year old of less than does not suit edible honey.

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