Edible Holand beans can hairdressing raises the world of cate of _ of consenescence of Yan Yan delay


Edible Holand beans can hairdressing raises consenescence of Yan Yan delay

2017-04-06 15:58:35

Holand beans fastens the soft pod pea in pointing to pea, say to feed pod pea again. It is western country one of breed of main edible vegetable. Because its nutrition value is high, gust is delicious, have defer function of health care of anile, hairdressing.

The dietotherapy action of Holand beans:

1, Holand beans can beneficial is lienal with the stomach, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop next thirsty, gas in mixing, except hiccup, stop the have diarrhoea dysentery, pee that know interest.

2, often edible, frail to taste, small abdominal distension postpartum and dysentery of have diarrhoea of full, vomiting, galactic no less than, irritated heat is thirsty all have curative effect.

3, enhance function of human body metabolism.

Qing Dynasty fries Holand beans

Raw material: Holand beans, chili 1, green ginger garlic is right amount


1, Holand beans goes silk, boiled water is heated in abluent; boiler, put Holand ancient stemmed cup or bowl into boiler flying water, put immediately next cool; passes in cold water

2, green ginger garlic cuts end, chili cuts into shreds;

3, next a few oil in boiler burn heat, ginger issueing green explodes sweet, next Holand beanses break up fry, because already hot water has been copied, need not fry so too long;

4, end issueing garlic and chili silk, pink of chicken of right amount salt breaks up fry, can give boiler.

Sweet clew: Holand beans must well-done hind ability is OK edible, may happen otherwise toxic.

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