Pregnancy food masters the world of cate of 12345 principles _


Pregnancy food masters 12345 principles

2016-09-22 16:01:01

The reasonable nutrition of pregnancy, not only the health that can affect mom, the lifetime that can give baby more keeps brand. How to let pregnant mom eat well, it is the topic that family person cares. However, it is however in fact, a lot of pregnant mom are entered on one hand fill excessive cause fat, tall blood sugar, darling to cross big, be difficult to do to wait, existing to be short of iron again on the other hand, be short of calcium to wait a lot of hidebound. How should have ability after all the most appropriate?

To pregnant mom, the most scientific and simple dietary method nothing is more… than ” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ” dietary law, assure 2 1 cup of milk, eggs, 3 two flesh everyday namely kind, vegetable of 400 grams staple food, 500 grams and fruit. This method balances the summary on prandial pagoda foundation to come out in Chinese dweller, can say to realize the highest state of pregnancy nutrition: Comprehensive, balanced, enough.

“12345 ” in dietary law, 1 cup of milk can be milk, yoghurt, cheese, or 100 grams bean curd. The flesh kind should choose birds more appropriately kind with aquatic product kind, eat the pork with adipose high content, chop less to wait. The flesh kind intake must be controlled, blindly high protein, fast adipose food can bring about accurate mom only gain weight, fetal too big, bring a risk to Mu Ying. In vegetables of 500 grams fruit, want to be given priority to with vegetable. Should eat the vegetable with red, green, deeper yellow and deep yellow fruit more especially, they contain the nutriment such as iron richer. Vegetable can replace a fruit, and the fruit cannot replace vegetable.

Fetal in pregnancy the development state of affairs of different level differs, of accurate mom nutrition emphasize particularly on to also differ. Pregnant is inchoate, the nutrition of accurate mom needs Everyman of sue for peace and do not have bigger difference, because right now fetal the phase that still is in cellular become divided, organ to form, not tall to nutrient requirement, pregnant Mom needs to complement appropriately on normal food foundation only small dose folic acid can. The food that contains a lot offolic acid includes spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cole, a variety of Chinese cabbage to wait.

And pregnant metaphase and pregnant are terminal, fetal the important period that is in development, need mom gives him high grade protein, iron, calcium with all sorts of nutrition composition. After be in 20 weeks accordingly, pregnant Mom should absorb more protein conciously, let the darling in abdomen ” satiate ” . Pregnant is terminal the intake that should add product of fish, birds, egg, sea appropriately, eat some of animal liver and lean lean conciously, and should have right amount body activity, maintain the moderate growth of weight.

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