These small snacks help pregnancy you drive away the world of cate of _ of vomiting during pregnancy easily


These small snacks help pregnancy you drive away vomiting during pregnancy easily

2016-10-14 10:03:21

Summary: While pregnant mammy always is enjoying the happiness of darling of be pregnant with, also want to bear the torment of vomiting during pregnancy of pregnant early days. The pregnant mom of great majority has such experience, although at hand snacks one a large bamboo or wicker basket, but what snacks ability alleviates vomiting during pregnancy.

Food of 1 high protein

High protein food is helpful for preventing vomiting during pregnancy, for instance the milk products such as cheese, milk, yoghurt is the good origin of high grade albumen. If drink milk to feel abdominal distension, diarrhoea or bellyacke, can drink yoghurt or eat cheese to alleviate. The lactic acid benefit in yoghurt the absorption at calcium, the calcium that demand of mammy of OK and contented pregnant increases increasingly is qualitative. Document shows, put Jiang Ding or ginger end into milk, the milk that prevents photograph of effect of vomiting during pregnancy to compare Yu Chun is better, because this milk wants to drink, jiang Ding also should eat.

2 digestible food

In pregnancy cardia constrictor flabby, the appearance content in the stomach arrives upstream esophagus bottom, cause disgusting sickness extremely easily; Additionally food grows more in the retention period in the stomach, cause morning sickness more easily, because this must choose edible digestible food. 3 produce greatly can nutriment (protein, adipose, carbohydrate) in, among them carbohydrate is offerred the can fastest, so the proposal had better choose to contain a lot ofthe staple food of carbohydrate or mug-up, for instance biscuit of congee, steamed bread, sweet potato, rusk, soda.

Congee kind the congee of food grains other than wheat and rice that suggests to choose San of such as millet, buckwheat, oaten, corn, ormosia. Not easy ripe oaten immerse overnight ahead of schedule with ormosia, with conflagration boil, small fire boils half hours or so can. Clinical go up, b1 and vitamin C treat commonly used vitamin vomiting during pregnancy, the vitamin in food grains other than wheat and rice B1 content is richer, in addition prandial fiber and mineral content want prep above common white congee, because this won’t be in what blood sugar causes inside short time to fluctuate substantially, be helpful for preventing at the same time gravid diabetic.

Rusk suggests to choose whole wheat bread (namely color small brown, break the biscuit) that has even bran, if only color small brown, without even bran, may be be caused by of colorant caramel pigment so, additional if only the surface has bran, after be being broken, do not have, also belong to practise fraud. If choose biscuit to should value burden watch and food component watch, choose as far as possible adipose the content with candy is low, the biscuit with all sorts of little also additive agent for food.

Above these food are easy digest, but if a large number of hollow eating,return sick at heart easily instead. 3 eat are best and so right amount take a place these are easy digest, can provide the food of energy quickly, wanting tie-in and other food at the same time, for instance fruit, nut, milk products.

3 fruits

Fresh fruit and fruit do photograph comparing, what contain a vitamin especially water-solubility vitamin content is extremely rich, and energy is inferior; And very the fruit is compared with fruit juice photograph, vitamin and prandial fiber content are rich. In clinical on cure of C of commonly used vitamin alleviates vomiting during pregnancy, often can eat some of vitamin C content to compare rich fruit so, for instance bright jujube, yangtao. The fruit can eat directly, OK also salad of make it fruit eats, the likelihood has appetite more; Proposal pregnant woman eats fruit of half jins of above everyday.

4 apples lemon juice

Element has ” appropriate mother child ” the lemon that say, not only can stomachic, promote digest, and can alleviate vomiting during pregnancy; Contain a lot ofin the apple pectic, can promote alvine path peristalsis, prevent constipation. The proposal will be so citric flay, go next the nucleus cuts man, the apple goes nucleus, cut man to make juice, can add one spoon the acidity of honey adjustment lemon; When drinking, fruit juice and fruit broken bits are the same as drink.

5 lemonade or ginger water

Bright or dry lemon piece in contained organic acid Dou Rong at water, add a few honey, acerbity acid is sweet can rise appetizing and hurried digests action, can serve as the tie-in drink of a day of 3 eat, and be helpful for preventing vomiting during pregnancy. Perhaps put Jiang Ding into boiling water, add the ginger water that a few brown sugar gets to also can rise to the action that prevents vomiting during pregnancy next.

6 nut

Clinical go up, often use vitamin B6 to assist reaction of remedial early pregnant, if melon seeds, walnut is medium vitamin B6 is very rich in nut; Constipation will be aggravating symptom of vomiting during pregnancy, prandial fiber can prevent constipation, and prandial fiber content is rich in nut; The not saturated fatty acid in nut and mineral content are additionally rich, be helpful for fetal and intellectual growth, because this suggests pregnant mammy is much,eat some of nut. When choosing nut, should choose to close a mouth, of raw ingredient, because shut a mouth to be able to reduce adipose oxidation, reduce microbial pollution and dirt pollution; And of raw ingredient can reduce salt, candy and oil absorb; Nut can eat directly, OK also and molar, scatter in the congee that has boiled. Should eat a when take case only everyday can, if excessive can increase additional energy, increase energy superfluous have a risk; And eat much pregnant mammy is easy also suffer from excessive internal heat.

7 microwave food

During vomiting during pregnancy most be afraid of eat a stodge, so besides eat evaporate, boil, stew, outside a day of of the delicate cook such as cold and dressed with sause, Shui Chao 3 eat, the snacks outside eat can choose not to have oily cook — microwave cook. Can sop, steamed bread piece in be being put in microwave oven, bake, crisp crisp is fragile not only increased mouthfeel, and not fat; The oatmeal that also can develop milk directly is put in microwave to be heated up, high temperature heats up 1 minute can edible. Avoid certainly additionally tea, coffee, acrimony with tall salt food, lest accentuate vomiting during pregnancy.

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